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HOUZE - SoleMate Essentials Set [4-Tier Shoe Rack + Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Soft Floor Mat]

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What's in the Bundle Set?

1 x HOUZE - SLIM Monochrome Black 4-Tier Steel Shoe Rack (Length: 70cm)

1 x HOUZE - Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Soft Mat - Terrazzo

Step Into Organisation: Discover the Uniquely Simplistic SLIM Monochrome Black 4 Tier Steel Shoe Rack!

Embrace the harmonious blend of functionality and style with our new SLIM Monochrome Black 4 tier Shoe Rack collection. Our collection is designed with a minimalist aesthetic and embodies the essence of modern living, where every item serves a purpose and is a piece of art in its own right.

In a world often cluttered with complexity, our SLIM Monochrome collection takes inspiration from the clean lines and simple elegance of monochrome design, merging form and function into an easy, aesthetically pleasing solution. 'SLIM', an apt representation, underlines our commitment to providing sleek, space-saving solutions that effortlessly fit into your lifestyle and home without sacrificing quality or style.

This collection's heart is the understanding that a home should reflect who you are: the minimalist, the organised and the design-conscious. The carbon steel used in creating this shoe rack is selected for its remarkable durability, resulting in a product that stands the test of time. This steadfast material, embodied in white, represents purity, simplicity, and a fresh approach to organisation.

The SLIM Monochrome Black & White 4/5/6 Tier Steel Shoe Rack is more than just a shoe rack. It is a testament to our approach towards crafting products that embody thoughtful design, easy-to-use functionality, and long-lasting durability. No installation is required. Our foldable multi-layered rack is perfect for any indoor space. It’s a seamless addition designed to simplify and declutter your life.

Enjoy the satisfying experience of walking into a home that is tidy, organised, and an accurate representation of your personality. The SLIM Monochrome Black & White 4/5/6 Tier Steel Shoe Rack is not just a product but a lifestyle change that elevates your living space to tranquillity and elegance.

Welcome this novel embodiment of simplicity, durability and class into your life, and embrace the change that comes with it. Join the SLIM Monochrome Black & White revolution, and step into a home as streamlined and chic as you are!

Explore Our Shoe Rack Collections now!

Dive into our diverse shoe rack collections online and find the perfect fit for your home! Let your footwear find its stylish home with our curated selections, just a click away. 

  Open Dimension  Closed Dimension 
4 Tier 70L x 26.5W x 67H 70L x 26.5W x 67H


Material: Diatomite
Dimension: 60L x 40W x 0.9H cm

Experience Elegance & Efficiency: The HOUZE Diatomite Mats!

Are you worried about slippery floors in your bathroom and swimming pool areas? Worry not! Introducing the HOUZE Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Mat (Large) and  Soft Diatomite Absorbent Mat with a captivating Marble finish – a true blend of style and efficiency. Every corner and detail of this mat is woven with precision, bringing function and flair to your home.

Imagine a mat meticulously designed with a fusion of 100% Polyester and Polyurethane, supported by a dependable 100% SBR backing. This is different from your ordinary mat. Your statement of elegance is the HOUZE Diatomite Mat (Large) and Soft Diatomite Absorbent Mat in different colours. Its hard-wearing nature stands tall in bustling spaces, but its true wonder lies in the diatomite. A natural wonder, diatomite is celebrated for its unparalleled absorbency and sustainable charm.

The essence of HOUZE is warmth, comfort, and the heartfelt feeling of being at home. With the Diatomite Absorbent Mat and Soft Diatomite Absorbent Mat, we've combined modern aesthetics with the tranquillity of natural elements. The marble motif is a nod to the enduring grace of this beautiful stone, making your space comfortable and refined.

Why choose the HOUZE Diatomite Mat?

Singapore homes deserve both beauty and utility. This mat offers the assurance of anti-slip safety, the convenience of swift drying, and the allure of sustainability. Trust this mat to be your ally in your en-suite, beside your pool or gracing your kitchen.

Benefit from its unmatched features:

Bid farewell to moisture-laden, slippery surfaces! Experience the mat's swift drying and anti-slip prowess, ensuring safety at every step. With its diatomite component, breathe easy knowing you're championing eco-conscious choices. Moreover, its fire-resistant attributes offer that extra peace of mind. Cleaning? Simplicity itself. A smidge of detergent and a quick rinse, and you're done. And though its marble design might gracefully age, rest assured, its efficacy remains steadfast.

In assorted colours, the HOUZE Diatomite Ultra Absorbent (Large) and Soft Diatomite Absorbent Mat isn't merely a home addition. It's an emblem of luxury, a touch of finesse for your abode. Welcome home to the ideal blend of chic and functional elegance today!

HOUZE - Diatomite Absorbent Mat (Large) and Soft Diatomite Absorbent Mat Features:

  • Diatomite and paper fibre composition is highly absorbent
  • Quick drying starts the desiccating process in a second
  • Suitable for bathroom, pool and kitchen use
  • Easy to clean; just scrub stains with sandpaper and wash
  • Anti-mold, fire retardant and eco-friendly
  • Available in different colours and designs



[Set] SLIM - Monochrome Black 4-Tier Steel Shoe Rack + Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Soft Mat (Terrazzo) [Set] SLIM - Monochrome Black 4-Tier Steel Shoe Rack + Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Soft Mat (Terrazzo) [Set] SLIM - Monochrome Black 4-Tier Steel Shoe Rack + Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Soft Mat (Terrazzo) [Set] SLIM - Monochrome Black 4-Tier Steel Shoe Rack + Diatomite Ultra Absorbent Soft Mat (Terrazzo)

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