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Bored at Home During the Mini-lockdown? 5 Fun & Productive Things to Keep You Occupied for One Month.

May 21, 2021 Brien Chua

Are you struggling with ideas on what to do at home during the mini-lockdown? Other than binge-watching Netflix or just taking long naps, it’s time to be productive with some fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing and brain working again.

Staying at home does not have to be boring! You can come out of this mini-lockdown being a better YOU.

Productive things you can do at home:

1) Learn a new language

If you have ever mention that you would want to learn Italian, Spanish or French but couldn’t find the time? Here’s your perfect chance.

With readily available courses on Youtube at your disposal, use this time to learn a completely new language.

2) Take a course

Upgrade yourself during this one month. Learn coding, learn how to write or even learn how to public speak. You can even earn professional or educational accreditation and show off the new skills when you get back into the office.

3) Clean up your home

Science has proven that cleaning your house can be therapeutic. A tidy home gives you a tidy mind.

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4) Organise your wardrobe

Most of us would have at least one clothing item or bag that we will never use again or that dress that does not fit us well anymore. It’s time to declutter.

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 5) Organise your living room

Have a messy living room after your Netflix binge watching sessions and have many magazines and other items lying around?

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