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7 Kitchen Essentials you need in your new BTO

May 17, 2021 Brien Chua

Setting up a new kitchen for your new home? Check out our guide on what you’ll need in your kitchen to make your life easier.

Kitchen Essentials #1 : Multi Wonder Rice Container

Perfect for household who eats 2 different types of grains – brown rice and Jasmine white rice. This Multi Wonder Rice Container comes with a divider that you can insert to store the 2 different type of grains. You can also use it to store cereal, pasta flour or snacks.

Best of all, the bottom is wheeled for portability. Even your young child can help with your kitchen chores now.

Add the Multi Wonder Rice Container into your cart today for $14.90.


Kitchen Essentials #2 : Airtight Food Container


You can now skip the lunch crowd by packing your lunch in the Airtight Food Container. Available in 2 different sizes, you can pack your rice and dishes separately, get another container to pack some desserts and fruits as well.

Add the Airtight Food Container into your cart today from $3.90.

Kitchen Essentials #3 : Kitchen Dish Rack


Washing and drying dishes is a part of our daily life, especially when you cook at home. Dishes can pile up and it will be difficult to wash and dry them if you don’t have a space efficient dish rack. The Kitchen Dish Rack is slim and compact and includes a cutlery holder, hooks and a chopping board holder.

Add the Kitchen Dish Rack into your cart today from $16.90.

Kitchen Essentials #4 : Grocery Bag Holder

Keep your grocery bag and plastic bags in one place and handy for reusing. Bag dispensers are a great way to reuse your grocery bags to stay environmentally conscious.

Add the Grocery Bag Holder into your cart today for $4.90.

Kitchen Essentials #5 : Storage Wagon with Wheels

The HOUZE – 3 Tier Storage Wagon with Wheels is a great household item that allows you to maximize space and organize your stuff efficiently.

Add the Storage Wagon with Wheels into your cart today for $68.90.

Kitchen Essentials #6 : 4-tier Slim Cabinet

Do you have limited space in your kitchen and lack storage areas? Installing kitchen cabinet can help you organize thing properly and save space. Consider the HOUZE 4 Tier Slim Cabinet that you can fit into the tightest of spaces. Hold and organize your groceries and other kitchen essentials within the drawers.

Add the 4-TIER SLIM CABINET into your cart today for $44.90.

Kitchen Essentials #7 : Dish Drainer w Side Flow Tray

Perfect for placing beside your sink to dry your tableware and cutlery with ease. The drainer is elevated to keep the surface clean and tidy. This dish drainer is perfect for most sink sizes.

Add the Dish Drainer w Side Flow Tray into your cart today for $12.90.

Get the 7 kitchen essentials online or in-store at our HOUZE outlets in PLQ Mall and Century Square today.



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