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Bathroom Cleaning 101: Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide, Singapore Style

May 19, 2023 Daniela Mae Macale

Ready for a spotless look that sparkles and shines? You're in luck! This step-by-step guide is here to help, making bathroom cleaning as easy as A-B-C.

Specially curated for you in sunny Singapore, we'll walk you through every corner of your bathroom cleaning process. So, let's embark on this cleaning journey together, armed with our trusty HOUZE cleaning tools, from sink to shower.

Must-Have Cleaning Tools from HOUZE

Before we get to business, let's talk about the cleaning superheroes you'll need from HOUZE.

  • Mops: Perfect for tackling the bathroom floor and reaching those tricky corners.
  • Cleaning cloth: Get your hands on our super-absorbent microfiber cloths for a spotless clean.
  • Scrub brushes: A trusty companion for scrubbing off those stubborn stains and dirt patches.
  • Sponges: The versatile cleaning ally you didn't know you needed.
  • Cleaning brush: Perfect for tackling tough stains on tiles and fixtures.
  • Detailing tools: Pay attention to the tiny nooks and crannies! These tools are designed to reach where others can't.

HOUZE Cleaning Organizer: Keep your cleaning squad in one place for easy access.

All geared up? Let's jump right in!

Step 1: Preparation Time: Gather your cleaning warriors: solutions, disinfectants, and gloves. A well-prepared cleaning commando is a successful one!

Step 2: Clear the Decks: Give your bathroom a once-over, removing anything that could get in the way. Free countertops and empty floors mean easy access to every nook and cranny.

Step 3: Tackle Surfaces and Fixtures: Your mission now is to conquer the surfaces and fixtures. Attack those pesky corners and crevices that grime and mould love to call home.

Step 4: Disinfect the Loo: It's time to disinfect your throne! Remember the seat, lid, and surrounding areas. Your toilet is a kingdom of hygiene when you're through.

Step 5: Shower and Bathtub, It's Your Turn: Bring the cleaning solution and scrub brush, and show that soap scum who's boss. A thorough rinse later, your shower and tub will be shining.

Step 6: Over to the Sink and Countertop: Use your trusty cleaner to banish toothpaste residue and soap scum. Every part of your sink, from the faucet to the drain, should sparkle.

Step 7: Mirrors and Windows: A spotless bathroom needs streak-free mirrors and windows. Use your lint-free cloth and glass cleaner for a gleaming finish.

Step 8: On to the Floor: Sweep away dust and dirt from your floor. Remember those sneaky corners and edges!

Step 9: The Final Flourish and Maintenance: Put back your toiletries and towels and admire your work. Remember to wipe surfaces regularly, air out the bathroom, and tackle any plumbing issues immediately to keep it looking its best.

Discover the Magic of HOUZE Cleaning Essentials, Singapore


  • Spotless Clean: HOUZE tools make your bathroom glow.
  • Efficient and Effective: Save time and effort with our ergonomic designs.
  • Durable: Our tools are built to last, giving you value for money.
  • Organised: Our HOUZE cleaning organiser keeps your tools tidy and ready for action.

So, why wait? Make bathroom cleaning a breeze with HOUZE. Embrace a clean bathroom's fresh scent and bid farewell to cleaning woes. With these steps and HOUZE cleaning tools, you're heading to a spotless bathroom, Singapore-style!

So, why wait? Make bathroom cleaning a breeze with HOUZE. Embrace a clean bathroom's fresh scent and bid farewell to cleaning woes. With these steps and HOUZE cleaning tools, you're heading to a spotless bathroom, Singapore-style!

Having a clean bathroom is vital, not just for the aesthetics but also for your health and well-being. It's a space you use daily, and keeping it clean can significantly impact your overall comfort and satisfaction at home. The HOUZE cleaning tools make maintaining a spotless bathroom more accessible than ever.

Follow-up Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

  • Post-Clean Routine: After you've completed your comprehensive cleaning, make sure to set up a routine to maintain this cleanliness. Regular wipes of the surfaces can help keep the grime at bay, preventing it from building up over time.
  • Proper Ventilation: Keep your bathroom ventilated. This simple act can prevent the buildup of moisture, which is often the main culprit behind mould and mildew.
  • Plumbing Care: If any plumbing issues, such as a blocked drain or leaking pipe, address them immediately. These problems, if left untreated, can not only cause damage but can also affect the cleanliness of your bathroom.

Cleaning your bathroom can be smooth and stress-free with the right tools and a systematic approach. So Singapore, it's time to embrace the joys of a clean, hygienic, sparkling bathroom! With HOUZE by your side, you have the best cleaning essentials to help you on your journey.

So say goodbye to clutter, grime, and bacteria, and say hello to a fresh, clean, and revitalised bathroom. Your dream of a spotless bathroom is just a few steps away. So start your cleaning journey today!

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