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What Is The Use Of A Bean Bag? 10 Most Widespread Bean Bag Uses

Mar 24, 2022 Brien Chua

What is the use of a bean bag? This is the question for many. Bean bags are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in existence. You can lounge on them, nap on them, play games on them, or toss them around and use them as giant pillows! This article will look at the ten most widespread bean bag uses.

10 Most Widespread Bean Bag Uses

Bean bags can be used in many ways. Here're ten different ways to use bean bags.

1) Floor Seat

A bean bag floor seat is a fantastic place to relax. Kids love them because they can sit in a safe, clean environment, and adults love them because they are comfortable. The soft fabric provides cushioning that enables children and adults to sit on them for hours without feeling stiff or sore. Floor seats can be placed in any room of your home where you want a comfortable spot to relax. Lay it down flat and choose one of three sizes for personal comfort. It will seem like you are sitting on an extra-comfortable cloud! Once it is filled with polystyrene beads or beans, when compressed slightly, these materials return to their original size, so there’s no chance of getting stuck in an uncomfortable position from pressure buildup when settling into a bean bag chair.

2) Footrest

Not only is a bean bag great to kick your feet up on, but it’s also a comfortable place to rest your tired feet after a long day. Your couch will never feel so good again! This is also one of our favorites because you don’t even have to move from your chair – just slip off your shoes and relax. It’s not hard to see why chairs with added leg rests are becoming increasingly popular; they make getting comfortable quicker and easier than ever before. If you place your legs on the bean bags, you will not utter again what is the use of bean bag!

3) Office Chair Alternative

Sitting at a desk all day is terrible for your health. Back pain and stress are just two of many common ailments caused by sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen, and not moving enough. But bean bags can help you sit more comfortably and stand up more often, improving your posture and leading to better overall health. Using bean bags in place of office chairs is a great way to make sure you get up during breaks or stay on your feet during working hours.

4) Inflatable Raft

A bean bag makes a fine alternative to an inflatable raft, especially if you’re on a budget or have limited space. It won’t be as durable and heavy-duty as a raft—it also won’t support your weight in open water—but it will float reasonably well if you use it in lakes, rivers, and other calm bodies of water. Just make sure you don’t go overboard: If your hand or arm sinks through to touch the floor of your boat, then you probably shouldn’t go out on it.

5) Bedside Companion

The most popular use of bean bags is as an extra bedside seat, especially in guest rooms. If you have small children, these are also a great solution to add another sleeping space to your room. There're numerous benefits of having bean bags for kids. You can take any old bag and toss it on your bed as a temporary seating option or buy one that’s specifically designed for that purpose from a company like Intex. The latter can cost anywhere from $50 to over $200, depending on what you’re looking for (size, type, etc.).

6) Couch Alternative

Bean bags are a popular alternative to traditional couches and sofas. While bean bags are typically seen as more of a child’s accessory, adults can benefit from them just as much. A well-made bean bag is quite comfortable, especially for reclining purposes. If you’re an adult that likes to read or watch TV in a comfortable position, then you should consider investing in one.

7) Dorm Seats/Beds

Bringing a bean bag chair to college is great, but if you don’t have space or money to buy one of those, you can always use a small one as a dorm seat or bed. The size of these pillows makes them easy to fit in any area, and they provide just enough comfort without taking up too much space.

8) Weightlifting Ball Substitute

If you enjoy weightlifting but have an injury or physical challenge that prevents you from using traditional weights, a bean bag can help you continue to see gains in your body’s strength. They come in all sizes and weights, so it’s easy to find a resistance level that will keep your workout challenging but effective.

9) Baby Support/Floor Cushion

It’s said that every baby requires 1,000 hours of tummy time during their first year. And, it’s also a known fact that babies aren’t especially keen on tummy time! That’s where bean bags come in handy. They give babies an easily accessible place to lounge and support them as they try to roll over or sit up. Use them to prop your infant up and give them a boost toward reaching developmental milestones!

10) Yoga Prop

Yoga bean bags make it easier to do poses and stay in place. Place one behind your back or between your legs when doing seated forward bends, or use them in place of a bolster to rest your head and shoulders when lying down. You can also practice yoga on a yoga mat with a bean bag nearby, so you have something soft to fall onto if you lose your balance or fall off your mat during an advanced pose. Use several bean bags together while practicing balancing poses, too.


Even though bean bags may be primarily considered toys, they are also beneficial. When you’re looking to decorate your home or office, keep bean bag uses in mind and consider investing in some of these classic pieces of furniture. If you have some old bean bag chairs lying around that you don’t know what to do with, throw them out and replace them with something new! You won’t regret it, that too after knowing what is the use of bean bag.

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