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Cleaning Made Easy With Houze's Cleaning Accessories

Jul 30, 2021 Brien Chua
Your home is a place where you recharge, rest and create memories. Everybody loves a clean home, especially during festivals like Christmas and Hari Raya. However, cleaning doesn't happen on its own; it takes effort and certain cleaning supplies to keep your home clean. Here, we'll introduce you with Houze's cleaning accessories with few cleaning hacks for home, you cleaning tasks will be easier.
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In this blog, our mentioned cleaning tools and equipment are durable, tough, and well-built to tidy up even the most stubborn messes that dirty your home. We offer a different cleaning product for anything you need, be it tools for windows, floors, tables, and more! Our cleaning accessories designs are ergonomic and smart to make cleaning an easy task to achieve.

This cleaning tools list is a variety of mops, brushes, sponges, cloths, and more that will aid you in achieving sparkly clean rooms from ceiling to floor.

Mops and Brooms

Looking for mops and brooms to get rid of wayward dirt and particles in the home? We have a wide selection of household cleaning mops and brooms for you to choose from. Achieve a spotless clean floor with our cleaning brooms and mops.

LIAO - Microfiber Twist Mop

Cleaning your floors religiously with the LIAO - Microfiber Twist Mop keeps the surface free from dirt and debris. It is made of excellent quality materials that make the product tough and long-lasting. The mop is made of super-absorbent microfiber that is soft and non-abrasive. This mop can be used in wet or dry surfaces and works on almost any surface. The handle is telescoping and adjustable.

LIAO has a vast number of cleaning accessories. Take a look at LIAO's top 7 cleaning accessories. You may easily get them at HOUZE and keep your entire home clean.


HOUZE - KLEEN Magnetic Broom and Dustpan Set

Introducing the robust and long-lasting KLEEN Broom and Dustpan Set. These often used cleaning supplies are made to be strong while still being gentle to your surfaces.
Dustpan with a thin edge for effective dust and grime collection. Perfect for any sweeping task, inside or outdoors.

Sponge Pads & Scouring Pads

Does your cleaning pad fray after only a few uses? The HOUZE household cleaning products like the scouring pad and sponge pad are built for heavy-duty use. You can scrub away stubborn dirt and grime from pots, pans and other cooking tools with these tough and durable items. You can also use these scouring pads to clean your hard-bound laundry basket.

You can also use our best cleaning scouring pad to get rid of debris that is stuck to any surface. The sponge pad is highly absorptive and washes away tough stains easily. These are also safe for the hands so you can clean thoroughly with little effort.

LIAO Chenille Sponge (Large)

For delicate surfaces, the LIAO Chenille Sponge (Large) is a suitable cleaning material you want to use. It is a sponge wrapped in chenille fingers that work best in scouring and wiping dirt and debris.

The premium quality chenille fingers can remove dust and motes efficiently. It is also super absorbent and can hold water, oil, and other fluids. You can use this in the kitchen, bathroom and cars. It's non-scratching and protects the integrity of surfaces.

LIAO - Safe Grip Sponge Scourer

Keep surfaces clean and tidy with the LIAO Sponge Scourer. It is super absorbent and helps wipe away dirt from most surfaces. Its double material helps absorb spills and excess fluid and scrubs away stubborn debris. Use the sponge side for delicate materials, and the scouring pad for tough to remove stains. This is a perfect kitchen cleaning tool that keeps your pots, pans, dishes and utensils squeaky clean!


The HOUZE range of cleaning brushes helps you clean your toilet, dish sink, glass and bottle and even clothes with ease. Our high quality brushes are long lasting and with it ergonomic features, you no longer have to break your back in cleaning your home.

Sponge and Dish Brush Sink Holder Set

Clean your dishes with ease with this ergonomic dish brush with sink rest. A beautiful companion for your cleaning needs in the kitchen.

With the space saving sleek design, you can keep your sink area beautifully organized and mess free.

Glass and Bottle Sponge Scrub (Short)

This Sponge Scrub is specially designed for Glass and Bottle Sponge Scrub (Short) to prevent unwanted scratches from hard-bristled scrub. It is made from excellent quality material that is durable and does not tear easily.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable to use and has a hang hole for easy storage. You can use it to clean hard-to-reach surfaces and delicate items such as bottles, vases, coffee pots and more.


Muck, grime and other dirt can be wiped away effectively when you use HOUZE cloth for cleaning.

This is made from high-quality fabrics that are super-absorbent and can withstand wear and tear for a long time. These cleaning cloths are also machine-washable and 100% eco-friendly.


This versatile, clean-all LIAO Microfiber Cloths (Pack of 4) is a necessity you want to have at the ready. It is made of ultra-soft and non-abrasive microfiber cloth that is gentle on any surface and preserves coats and paints well. It is very absorbent and can take up as much as 8x fluid its own weight.

You don't need chemical cleaners & the cloth alone can remove lint and streaks efficiently. This cloth is reusable and washable and comes in a set.

E-CLOTH - Stovetop & Oven Eco Cleaning Cloth Pack

The E-Cloth Stovetop & Hob Pack comes with one cloth to remove grease, grime, stuck-on residues, and one to polish for a streak-free finish. Perfect for all types of hobs, ovens, and microwaves. Removes 99% of bacteria, all using just water. Simply wet the Range & Hob Cleaning Cloth, wring out and use damp. Use the Glass & Polishing Cloth directly after while the surface is still damp. Use on shinier surfaces such as ceramic, glass oven doors, chrome handles, and microwaves. Like you, we think cleaning should be pure and simple. A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough. 

Household Wipes

Our range of Greenshield Household wipes that are made in the U.K are high quality and effective in wiping different surfaces such as stainless steel, wood, glass and window, and even your leather sofa. Selling at only $4.90, this is affordable yet protects you from bacteria.

Greenshield Toilet Cleaning Wipes

Greenshield Toilet Cleaning Wipes is ideal for all toilet areas, such as toilet seats, toilet lids, or cisterns and handles. It kills 99.9% of bacteria to make sure your family members are always safe and sound. Made flushable and biodegradable.

Greenshield Conditioning Leather Wipes

With its extra-large wipes, cleaning the dirt and grime from your leather surface would be easier. Greenshield Conditioning Leather Wipes remove dirt gently, rejuvenate the original finish, and also protect the leather surface.

Cleaning Organiser

LIAO Broom Holder (Large)

With the LIAO Broom Holder (Large), your cleaning essentials can be kept in one place so you could find them easily. It is made of durable and quality plastic material that holds brooms and mop securely. It also has hooks for rags and brushes. This ergonomic design enables you to organize your cleaning tools and as well as maximize space. It's great for storing cleaning materials effortlessly. Keep your home neat and clean with this trusty holder!

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The cleaning tools mentioned above are well built, durable, and tough that can keep your home clean. You can find out other cleaning necessities on HOUZE's collection page.
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