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Craft Your Perfect Instagram-Worthy Beauty Vanity in Singapore

May 8, 2023 Daniela Mae Macale

Designing an Instagram-worthy beauty vanity is the aspiration of many beauty enthusiasts in Singapore. This delightful space is not just for getting ready but also serves as a canvas to express your style and creativity. In this article, we'll explore the essentials for your vanity area and how to create an eye-catching and functional space.


Your beauty vanity is more than just a spot to prepare for the day; it reflects your unique style and creativity. A stunning and practical vanity area can inspire you to craft breathtaking makeup looks and showcase your beauty products.

Essential Elements for Your Vanity Area


Excellent lighting is vital for your vanity area. Natural light is ideal, but if unavailable, consider investing in a high-quality lighted mirror or vanity light.


A top-notch mirror is a must-have for your vanity area. Ensure it's large enough to see your face and offers suitable lighting.

Storage Solutions

Your vanity should provide ample storage space for all your beauty products. Consider incorporating drawers, shelves, or cabinets to keep your items organised.



Organisers help you maintain a neat and accessible beauty product collection. Utilise makeup organisers, brush holders, and trays to keep everything in its place.

Comfortable Seating

A cozy seating area is essential for your vanity. Opt for a chair, ottoman, or stool that's both comfy and stylish.

Creating an Instagram-Worthy Beauty Vanity in Singapore

Select a Theme

Choose a theme that reflects your style for your vanity area. Then, create a cohesive look using colours, patterns, or textures.

Showcase Your Products

Display your beauty products in a functional and visually appealing manner. Utilise trays, stands, or acrylic organisers to exhibit your favourite items.

Incorporate Personal Touches

Add personal touches to your vanity area, like framed photos or decorative pieces. These small additions can make your space feel more inviting and personalised.

Maintain Cleanliness and Order

Keeping your vanity area clean and tidy is crucial for crafting an Instagram-worthy space. Regularly clean your mirrors and organisers and store your products in their designated spots.

Benefits of Using HOUZE Products

Incorporating HOUZE products into your vanity can enhance its functionality and style. HOUZE offers extensive storage solutions, organisers, and home care products that help create a beautiful, well-organised space. Additionally, HOUZE products are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for your beauty vanity.

Create a Stunning Instagram-Worthy Beauty Vanity with HOUZE!

Designing an Instagram-worthy beauty vanity in Singapore is an enjoyable and imaginative endeavour. You can create a gorgeous and practical space by including the essential elements for your vanity area and adding personal touches. HOUZE products can also elevate your space's style and organisation.

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