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How to Choose Cutlery Set?

Mar 30, 2022 Rajat Chakrobarty


Cutlery set is every household's need, yet not many people know how to choose cutlery set? We mean people do not care much before buying a cutlery set. They will probably go for the look or the finish and then buy if it fits their budget. It should not be like this. There should be a thought process behind it, and if you want to know how to choose cutlery set that is just right for you, you have come to the right place. So, here goes.

Cutlery Set Buying Guide

cutlery set is an essential component of any kitchen or dining setup, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in your dining experience. This cutlery set buying guide will help you learn how to choose cutlery set and choose a cutlery set that meets your needs.

Price Range:

Whenever you want to buy a thing, you set aside a particular amount for it. Ideally, that amount is your budget, and ideally, you want to remain within it. To arrange a realistic budget, you need to research the market to know the price range of cutlery sets. It will depend on their make, finish, material, configuration, etc. The high-end luxury sets can cost you a few thousand dollars; if that's your thing, then go for it. Otherwise, you can explore plenty of economical offerings.

Get a brief on materials:

Cutlery is usually available in different alloy materials. An alloy is a blend of other materials, and in cutlery, stainless steel is the most popular choice of material. In stainless steel, further options are graded as 18/0, 18/8, or 18/10. These figures represent the percentages of chromium and nickel, respectively, in the material. Chromium gives it strength and durability, while nickel provides shine and luster. It also gives it anti-rust properties. Usually, 18/10 and 18/8 are popular choices, but 18/0 is not bad either.

Some cutlery sets have plastic, wooden, ceramic, resin handles, etc. While they look good, they may not be durable and require careful handling and other precautions.

Silverware: A premium but pricey choice of material is silverware. It is an alloy of silver and other metals. It can be your prized possession and can last for generations with no loss in quality. But, it's going to cost you a couple of thousand dollars.

Finishing touches that matter:

The next thing to remember is how to choose cutlery is the finish of the cutlery. You can go for a thoroughly polished look called a mirror effect or opt for a brushed finish called a satin effect. Hand-polished sets are more expensive than machine-polished ones. While checking the finish, pay close attention to the polish inside and around the tines. It should be even and uniform. Cheap cutlery sets have a low-quality finish, and you can quickly tell by checking it on tines.

Are they forged or stamped cutlery?

Another thing to consider while buying cutlery is to see if it is made using stamped or forged techniques. A cutlery set made with forged stainless steel material is usually sturdier than the one made with stamped stainless sheets. While forging, a stainless steel sheet is first heated and then cut into shapes to make cutlery. The heating gives it extra strength and therefore is preferred more than stamping.

How important is a size in how to choose cutlery set?

Cutlery is usually sold by place setting. It is up to you to decide which place setting would be most suitable for you. The choices can be four-piece, five-piece, six-piece, eight-piece, or ten-piece place settings. A six-piece place setting can have as many as 24 pieces, while a ten-piece place setting can have up to 70 bits. Some sets have extra serving spoons, salad spoons, knives, etc. It is better to have them in excess lest any of them gets lost, etc.

It is a weighty matter as well:

Weight should be an essential consideration when you are choosing a good cutlery set. A heavy feel means that the cutlery is made of good material used in optimum quantity. Also, the weight gives you a wholesome feeling when you hold spoons, knives, etc. They are easier to keep, use and provide the hands more balance and strength.

Shape and size:

The cutlery's weight, shape, and size are also essential to consider. Local cultures also dictate the length and shape of the cutlery. For example, spoons may be more significant in some countries than others. Also, the shape of the tines may be different for American and European forks. Countries where people usually have small hands use small-sized cutlery and vice versa. The local food habits and the type of food one eats have a part in shaping the cutlery. You can choose it as per your preference.


A knife is a pivotal part of any cutlery set and any meal. At the same time, choosing cutlery, pay special attention to knives. Ask if it is forged or stamped? Look for the sharpness of its blades and their design. You can choose between serrated or smooth-edged blades. Depending on your personal choice and the kind of food you want the knife to cut, either works fine.

Design of the cutlery set:

Cutlery sets are available in hundreds of designs. You can opt for a contemporary design with smooth lines or some fine detailing with a classic look. The choices are endless. You can see which one is closer to your heart and catches your fancy. You should know what kind of feeling you want to project with the choice of your cutlery. It should reflect your personality and your taste and aspirations.

It should match your crockery:

Another vital thing to consider is that the cutlery should match and complement your existing crockery and china. It should blend with them well and not stand out as something odd, obnoxious, or weird.


That wraps up our topic of how to choose cutlery set. We hope it has been an instructive and informative article. We have tried to cover all the significant aspects you should look for while buying a cutlery set. Remember, it's not often that you buy a cutlery set unless you have a thing for them; most people would buy 2 or 3 cutlery sets in their lifetime. So, take time to research and check all the above points to make an informed and well-thought-out decision.

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