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What is Diatomite and How Does Diatomite Mat Work?

Apr 19, 2022 Rajat Chakrobarty
What is a diatomite mat

To answer the question of “how does diatomite mat work”, let’s investigate mats and diatomite.  Bathmats are not limited to just homes; they are a necessity outside the restrooms everywhere. Whether it is an office, a hotel, or a home, bathmats are used to avoid slipping accidents. 

There are various kinds of rugs available in the market, traditional rugs, adhesive rugs, rubber mats, and many more. There is a new kind of mat on the market too, the “diatomite mat”. This article explains everything there is to know about diatomite mat, its working, pros, and cons too. Of course, all accessories come with their pros and cons.

What is diatomite?

Different kinds of biogenic remains including siliceous algae and carbonate precipitates combine in lakes and other water bodies as diatoms. An enormous number of diatoms combine to form diatomite. 

What is a diatomite mat?

Diatomite is a biogeochemically produced natural substance, also called diatomaceous earth. There are hundreds of thousands of micropores in diatomite. Because of those millions of pores, the water evaporates at a rapid pace. The fast-drying process prevents the dampness and bacteria and other microorganisms to make their way toward the surface of the mat. This special quality of diatomite mat makes it an exceptional choice over conventional bathmat.

How does diatomite mat work?

So, how does diatomite mat work? It works miraculously fast to dry itself and absorb water. Millions of micropores in the diatomite surface cause the water to evaporate in a matter of seconds. The diatomaceous earth can hold up to 150% of its weight in water. That is another factor that helps in making the mat’s surface dry in seconds and avoiding slipping accidents in your bathroom; a versatile and practical addition to your bathroom accessories.

Maintenance of diatomite mat

Maintenance of a diatomite mat is extremely easy as compared to the traditional bathmats or rugs. Everyone knows that rugs need the proper type to dry once washed. In most areas around the world, there are very few days when the sun is fully out. Which makes it difficult to dry the rugs. Rubber mats get too messy after a few days of use. The same is the case with adhesive plastic mats.

As compared to all the other mats, the usage and maintenance of diatomite mats are quite simple and easy. If the mat gets stains of mud over time, it can easily be cleaned using just the running water for over a minute. If any stains are stubborn or difficult to remove with water, detergent could be used. The surface will be as good as new in a few minutes.

Comparison between diatomite and traditional mat

Traditional rugs generally remain wet throughout the day after being stepped on just once. Bacteria that need a humid and damp environment to grow could easily make that rug its home. Because of remains wet for a long time, there is always a foul smell in the room.

As compared to rugs, the diatomite mat instantly dries. Hence, giving zero chances to bacteria for its growth, keeping the environment of the room clean.

Environment friendly, safe and practical

Diatomite is a natural material; therefore, it is safe to use it in homes. There are no harmful chemicals added. As compared to the rugs that are made with various chemicals in them.

Could diatomaceous be used in the bathwater?

Of course! 

If you want your skin to have some more tlc and glow some more, add some diatomaceous material to your bath. Your skin will become soft like a baby’s butt. Not everything is suited for everyone. If you are allergic or have shown symptoms of allergies before, better discuss with your physician before doing this.

Is diatomite safe?

There are two types of diatomite, food-grade diatomite is used in the mat. It is low crystalline silica and considered safe for human use. You can safely sleep in the room with a diatomite mat once it has settled. It is completely safe for use. But safety is not just in the product, it is also in the usage. If you have diatomite added products, even with food grade, you are not meant to eat them or shove them in your mouth or nose. So, the user has to show more responsibility to be safe.

Filter grade diatomite might be harmful, but it is not used in mats.

Side effects of diatomaceous earth

There are usually mild to known side effects of the material. If breathed in the raw form, it can irritate the nose and nasal passages. If a person inhales very enormous amount, it can result in shortness of breath and coughing.  Some of the side effects on the skin are dryness and irritation. 

It may also affect the eyes because of its abrasive nature. It may take 6-8 weeks to show any side effects after working its way through the human system.

However, the side effects of diatomaceous materials are just for their raw form. When it is processed and turned into a diatomite mat for your home, it is completely safe. Again, like I mentioned earlier, if you use the mat for the intended purpose, then the side effects are low. If you use the mats in extreme ways that are not intended for, then you can have added issues.

After reading the comparison there is only one question that remains in the mind of a person.

Is the diatomite mat good for me?

The answer is yes!

Diatomite mats are legit. They have great absorbency. The colors of diatomite mats mostly look elegant on the floor. The price is affordable for every class. 

The mat dries within seconds, thus making it impossible to have a slippery floor or any slipping-related accident.

Where can I buy a diatomite mat?

Well, here is another question about where to buy some good quality authentic diatomite mats. There are a lot of stores that offer these diatomite mats. Also, if you are still looking for different other products, you can find a variety of rugs and floor mats too along with the best quality products for your household here at our website. 

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