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Different Types of Hangers for Your Clothes

Jan 29, 2024 Brien Chua

There are different types of clothes hangers and, we often take their existence for granted. Only when we don’t have a hanger, do we realize how important it is for us. Imagine your wardrobe closet without it; the mess your clothes would make there would be quite a spectacle. This article will discuss the different types of clothes hangers for a general understanding.

What Is a Hanger?

A hanger is an accessory that we use to hang clothes. It is a simple object with a hook and two arms that extend outwards attached to it. They have been around for centuries now, although, in the beginning, their use was limited to aristocratic families. They used them because they had a large number of clothes. Now, hanger is a must-have accessory in every household, and it is unimaginable to live without them.

Different Types of Clothes Hangers:

For the sake of convenience, we divide the different types of clothes hangers according to the following criteria;

  • According to material
  • According to usability
  • According to design and features

According to the Material

So, let’s begin with hanger types according to the material.

Wire Hangers:

They are usually made of skinny wires and are very cheap. Usually, dry cleaners use them because of their cost-effectiveness. However, thin-wired hangers are not durable at all. They lose their shape in a short time and cannot hold the weight of heavy clothing. They may also deform the cloth if they get misshapen. They can also rust.

Metallic Hangers:

These are a sturdier and more robust alternative to wire hangers. They are made of iron, copper, and other such materials. They are rustproof and can last a lifetime. They are ideal for hanging heavy clothing like woolen or leather garments. They are usually made using forging technology, which makes them extra strong.

Wooden Hangers:

They are also strong and long-lasting, made out of wood, just like their metallic counterparts. They are also wider and can hold your jackets and coats with ease. You won’t have any issues while using them. The cloth hangs straight without any creases and crevices. The wood is treated and finished to give wooden hangers that added durability.

Plastic Hangers:

Plastic is ubiquitous, and it lands in our list of different clothes hangers as well. They are economical, low-maintenance, and ideal for all seasons. There is a wide variety of plastic hangers out there to suit everyone and anyone. However, they are not durable and will buckle under pressure. Bending is a common issue among plastic hangers, and you need to replace them regularly.

Fabric/Satin/Velvet Hangers:

We have clubbed all three of these types because they are all variations of fabric hangers. The different fabrics are woven and padded to form a hanger and hang clothes. They are suitable for delicate articles of clothing. They have separate indentations on them to hold the dress. They also won’t cause friction in your closet when pressed against each other. While using them, make sure your clothes are completely dry; otherwise, they will get damaged.

Bamboo Hangers:

It’s a variation of the wooden hangers. The only difference is they are lightweight and eco-friendlier. It is also cheaper than wooden hangers. They do not lack in performance and durability, though.

According to the material, other types of hangers can be flocked, petite, and huggable hangers.

According To Usability:

We will now discuss different types of clothes hangers according to their use. So, here goes.

Shirt Hangers:

It is a trendy type of hanger. Nearly every hanger can be a shirt hanger. However, it helps if you choose an overall structure and notches. The notches hold the fabric and prevent it from falling off.

Pants Hangers:

Pant hangers come in different styles. You can use one with a straight bar to hang the pant by folding them. Or you can use the one with clips that you can use to hang pants.

Suit Hangers:

These are special hangers where you can hang the jacket, the vest, and the pants together. It saves you the hassle of storing them separately so you can easily pick them up and wear them to an occasion.

Other popular types of hangers according to their use are;

  • Skirts hanger
  • Lingerie hanger
  • Scarf hanger
  • Tie hanger
  • Shoe hanger
  • Sweater hanger
  • Travel hangers

According To Design/Features

Clips Hanger:

These hangers have clips, and you can use them for various purposes. These clips will hold the clothing, and you won’t have to worry about them falling off.

Swivel Hangers:

Swivel hangers have a rotatable head that makes it easier to hang them back in the closet without worrying about their proper direction. They are ideal for kids’ wardrobes because of this feature.

Thin Hangers:

When you are short on space, then go for thin hangers. They won’t take much of your room, and you can use them to your advantage.

Tubular Hangers:

They are a popular type of plastic hangers. Due to their low price, they are much in vogue. They tend to loosen up with time, though.

Straps/Notches Hanger:

The clothes will find support to hang onto with notches and won’t fall on the floor. It makes them very beneficial for clothes.

Single Bar Hanger:

As the name suggests, it has a straight bar only and is used mainly for hanging pants. The single bar makes it easy to hang and take out the pants.

According to their design, there can be several other different types of clothes hangers. We have covered some of the above. Others can be;

  • Engraved hangers
  • Custom hangers
  • Combination hangers
  • Wide shoulder hangers
  • Non-slip hangers
  • Dry/wet hangers


That wraps up our topic on different types of clothes hangers. There are so many types of hangers that it is nearly impossible to take into account all of them. Also, new designs keep popping up, enriching the already rich collection of hangers further. Still, we have tried our best to cover all the significant types, and we think we have been largely successful at it.

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