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7 Energy Saving Electrical Appliances Buying Tips to Lower Your Electric Bills at Home and Office

Jun 8, 2022 Brien Chua

Are you planning to buy a new appliance and need some energy saving electrical appliances buying tips? Many people are still confused about how to choose the right appliances they need whether at home or office. Before, you may have only looked at the price when buying a new electrical appliance. But it is not the only factor that matters if you want to invest in good quality appliances and save from expensive electricity bills.

If you need energy-saving electrical appliances buying tips, and comparisons look no more! We have covered everything (even comparison between wired vs wireless doorbell) you should know before you spend your money on that latest appliance model you have been wanting to buy for so long.

Energy Saving Electrical Appliances Buying Tips You Should Follow

1. Choose the right size of the appliances

For heating, ventilation, and conditioning (HVAC systems), size matters in both the appliances and the available space you have. The size of the appliances affects the efficiency of their performance. For example, a smaller air conditioning unit is less efficient since you may have to turn it for a longer time. If you think that opting for a larger unit will solve the matter, it may not also be the case. Larger ones tend to have more frequent on and off cycles.

To know the right size of the appliance that you want to buy, take the exact measurement of the space where you plan to install it. Most HVAC systems are measured using the British Thermal Unit or BTU. A smaller space requires a smaller BTU, and a bigger space requires a bigger BTU.

For example, if a room has around 2,000 and 2,500 square feet, it may need an HVAC system that has around 34,000 BTU. If the size is lower, let’s say 1,000 to 1,200 square feet, it may only need a minimum of 21,000 BTU. Hence, you should ask for help regarding this information so you can avoid overspending on an appliance that you might not need.

2. Consider the design and features

The design of the appliances is not just for visual representation. They also serve important functions that affect the performance of the appliances and how much energy they will need.

When it comes to refrigerators, those units with a freezer compartment are more efficient to use compared to units with side-by-side doors. There are also refrigerator units with built-in water dispensers and ice makers. These features may be beneficial for you to use, but you need to consider that they require additional electrical consumption.

3. Look for the energy-saving settings

Some appliances come with energy-saving settings. An energy saver setting allows you to save energy consumption. One of the appliances that have this feature is the dishwasher.

For a dishwasher to function, you need to set the mode depending on the dishes you want to wash. For example, the dishes only have some slight dirt. Therefore, you can set the dishwasher for a light wash only. If you need it to perform on its full-powered wash cycle, it will need more energy and water supply to function.

The energy-saving mode will come in handy since it will help you save energy and water supply without sacrificing the heavy-duty performance of the dishwasher. This setting also applies to washing machines.

4. Know the total cost

One of the reasons why you wanted to buy a new appliance for your home or office is to save your monthly electric bill consumption. But, apart from this, you also need to consider the operating cost.

The operating cost can also be referred to as the hidden price tag when buying electrical appliances. It measures the estimated cost of using the appliance for a long time. For you to have an idea of how much it will cost you to buy the appliance, you need to add the actual purchase price to the estimated operating cost. From there, you can set your expectation on how much you need to spend and save if you choose to buy it.

5. Look for a cheaper power source

One of the energy saving electrical appliances buying tips you may overlook is the power source. Sometimes, the appliance you have purchased already plays its role to help you lessen your power consumption. But you may notice that it does not reflect the actual monthly bill you still have to pay. The culprit can be the power source itself. The power source is also an essential variable that affects the operating cost of the appliances.

Plugs and sockets are another common appliances that we use to connect our devices to get power. Choose quality plugs and sockets to prevent electric shock or any accident that may end up with a lot more cost.

6. Always compare shops, brands, or models

There are various shops where you can browse for an appliance that will fit your budget. If you happen to find one, consider looking for other options. Comparing appliances shops, even the brands or the model of that specific appliance you want to buy can affect how much you save and which one offers the best price for your budget.

Some brands are more expensive than others, but it does not mean that they are the only ones that offer the best quality. You may need to spend more time deciding on which is the better option. But it is better than having regrets in the end.

7. Understand if you need smart appliances

Smart appliances are the trend these days. But most people just buy them to be in. You cannot deny the fact that smart appliances can provide an innovative energy management system. They can help you save energy consumption in the long run. The problem is, they are way too expensive. Yes, they are a good investment. But if you can only afford to buy another appliance that is cheaper, yet can also be of good quality, you can choose that one instead and save more.

If you travel a lot then you need to choose your adaptors and sockets wisely. HOUZE has a wide range of handy travel adaptors that you can carry with you easily.


As you buy your new appliance, take time to consider all the energy saving electrical appliances buying tips in this list. It will help you decide on which is the best appliance that fits well with your budget and become a more responsible consumer.

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