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Uses and Health Benefits of Essential Oils to Unwind from Stress

Jun 26, 2022 Brien Chua
Use of Essential Oil to Unwind from Stress

Becoming human is accepting the fact that we are open to experiencing various kinds of emotions. We can be happy now, and then suddenly become angry or sad a day after, or even just after a few hours. There are also times when we are stressed too much, either because of work, school, or other personal problems. If this is the case, one of the best things you can do is to use essential oils. There're numerous uses and health benefits of essential oils.

But what are these essential oils?

And are they really that effective when it comes to getting rid of stress and becoming happier while achieving a more fulfilling kind of happiness?

In this article, we are going to talk about all of these things. We will discuss the uses and health benefits of essential oils to unwind from stress.

What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are various kinds of plant extracts that have been discovered to have different kinds of health benefits to humans.

These go through many different kinds of processing, but some of the most popular process these go through is by undergoing a pressing and steaming process that covers all of the different parts of the plant.

This includes the leaves, bark, flowers, and sometimes even the fruit. This captures the compounds that are producing and giving out the fragrance.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because it will take many kilos of the plant to extract a single essential oil bottle. And aside from giving out fragrance and different kinds of scents, essential oils are also very effective in performing various functions on plants.

Knowing More About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the process of tapping onto the use of essential oils and getting its many health benefits.

This has been practiced for hundreds of years, which showcases how effective it really is. What happens when you inhale these essential oils is that the fragrance molecules coming from the oil itself goes from the bottle into your nose and travels directly to your olfactory nerves.

Knowing More About Aromatherapy

These are then directed towards your brain and can affect your amygdala which is the part of your brain responsible for your emotions.

What then happens after is that you start to experience the feeling of happiness and contentment because your brain processes the scent as a good thing. Aside from that, essential oils are also beneficial to the skin as these are absorbed.

This can even relax your muscles making this very effective for athletes and professional players. Some skincare products also even has essential oils in their products as these create a soothing feeling. HOUZE has plenty of essential oils and extracts, buy aromatherapy products online today to uplift your spirits and manage stress.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

There are many products and essential oil brands that claim to be natural remedies for different kinds of diseases and sicknesses. This is true for some. However, there is not enough credible research that proves these claims of being able to heal different kinds of sicknesses on humans.

But also, there are some researches that prove essential oils are really effective to having a healthier body. One good example is the research from John Hopkins which state that some essential oils are capable of killing Lyme bacteria.

What’s even more promising is that these are better in killing this specific type of bacteria compared to antibiotics. But then again, these human clinical trial results are still very much mixed up. There is also essential oils’ therapeutic effects that are good for human health.

Still, there are a handful of clinical trials that premium blends of essential oils are very effective in alleviating certain medical conditions. Examples of these conditions are:


Essential oils can alleviate anxiety because it soothes and relieves you of stress thanks to its fragrant scent. This can make you feel better and lower the signs of fatigue.


Essential oils can help fight depression as this gives a signal to your brain and helps release happy hormones. People who are suffering from depression and are going through a hard time in their lives can take essential oils every once in a while.


Health Benefits of Essential Oils

There have been numerous cases where people who are dizzy and experiencing nausea during road trips and road travels have gotten a better feeling after inhaling the fresh scent of essential oils.

Aside from being sniffed, this can also be poured to the skin.


There are also some cases when essential oils are able to help treat insomnia thanks to its soothing fragrance.

Low appetite

People who are suffering from low appetite can also have a better situation once they use essential oils. This helps gain weight, which comes in handy especially for people who are suffering from anorexia.

These are some of the health benefits of among other benefits of essential oil diffusers. Let's talk a bit about how to use essential oil safely.

Using Essential Oils Safely

Essential oil quality depends greatly in the market as there are some products which are very pure while others have been diluted with water and other elements and ingredients.

What’s more is that there is no regulation or standardization in producing essential oils. This is why it is important that you should never ingest or drink essential oils.

Before you use essential oil diffusers publicly there're certain things you need to keep in mind. A study by John Hopkins also states that it is better not to use essential oil diffusers in a public area because some people might be allergic to its scent due to the indiscriminate spread of the scented vapor.

A good example of this is knowing the different uses and effects of a specific type of essential oil. Take for example peppermint which is effective in dealing with headaches.

Most Popular Essential Oils

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils because of its very relaxing fragrance and scent. Many people use this essential oil to unwind from stress thanks to its different scent variations. This can also help give good sleep.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, which is also known and called as melaleuca, is an essential oil used for treating and healing wounds. It can also help in dealing with athlete’s foot, acne and pimples, as well as bites from insects.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is another kind of essential oil to unwind from stress because of its many health benefits.

Some of the health benefits this can give are for dealing with IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Aside from that, this can also relieve headaches and body tremors and tensions.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil is another popular type of essential oil to unwind from stress as it helps improve your mood. This is usually found in products used for cleaning the house.


Knowing the fact that essential oil can help us get rid of stress can help us live a better life. Just make sure you use this in moderation and only when the circumstances allow.

Also, choose the right kind of essential so you can make the most out of it. When you do, then you will surely have a great time using the different kinds of essential oils in the market.

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