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Floor Cleaning Tips and Tricks : 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Aug 6, 2019 Brien Chua

Classic interior always calls for an elegant approach in placing a room’s décor. Enthusiasts hail simplicity and efficiency for every furniture you put in a room.

While home owners decide to do it extravagantly or adapt trending minimalism, the secret is to keep it tidy and well-lit. And the best way to start is with these floor cleaning tips and tricks!

As you declutter, organize and clean your house, find time to clean your floor as well for this is another way to let your room gleam. Here are ways on how to make your room stand out from the ground up:

1. The timing

Cleaning a room from the ceiling down the floor may be the most systematic approach you could choose. Dust off surfaces and cobwebs from the ceiling fans and ceiling corners down the floor. That way, nothing that you cleaned up will get decontaminated again because you took advantage of gravity allowing dirt to settle and sweep it out of the house all in one go.

Brooms and washcloths are your best tools at this point. And from here is where you start applying the floor cleaning tips and tricks.

2. The technique

Depending on which floor type you have, it’s important that you keep the cleanliness of the entire floor surface even. Pay attention to the furniture that had been covering a portion of the floor for a long time leaving it whiter than the rest of the exposed floor. Pay attention to what makes it stained. Check the entirety of the floor if it has cracks or chipped portions. Take note of the parts that need repair or if there are rotten parts.

Generally, you put away anything on top of the reachable floor area by moving furniture, rolling away carpets first, and getting cleared out of storage boxes. This way, you would have an idea of how much floor surface you need to cover. Sweep the floor off of the dust that had settled from cleaning your furniture. Then follow these simple steps corresponding to the kind of floor you have:

  1. If you have a wooden floor, apply floor wax sweeping off dust and then polish it with coconut husk, Philippines style or a polish it electrically. Give it a second final sweep then you may apply varnish for an additional umph.
  2. Tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen have grouts that collect mold, soap suds, and grime. Use super absorbent diatomite mats to keep your floor dry and clean. If you're completely unknown with this new material, read our blog that illustrates how diatomite mate works. When the floor gets dirty use a floor brush to scrub away stubborn dirt in no time. You may buy floor bleach but the easiest remedy you can use for the stubborn grout is the following:
    • - 7 cups of water
    • - ½ cup of baking soda
    • - 1/3 cup of lemon juice
    • - ¼ cup of vinegar
    *Spray the concoction on tiles while using the washcloth or brush to clear the grout of nasty dirt. Our weave fiber e-cloth cleaning appliances work fine with granite, stone, glass, or any other surface.
  3. Marble flooring could be easy as you clean it with a mop soaked in soap and water.
  4. Almost the same with the marble flooring, concrete floors may be washed with soap and water. This is the kind of flooring you would see in a garage or the space in front of the house for a mini basketball court. Outdoor flooring maybe exposed to any kind of litter from barbecue precipitates, cat litter or other people’s shoes grime. Use this floor cleaning tip and trick of sprinkling sawdust on the stained area and let it sit overnight. That way, oil, water and any form of liquid gets soaked and dried up. By then, it’s easier to sweep it with a broom.
  5. The first step with some hard floors like linoleum-- vacuum or sweep dirt, hair and dust. Then add 7 drops of soap (detergent or dish) to a one gallon of warm water to use as a concoction. Dampen a mop and clean the floor surface in sections. Be reminded that dripping mop should be avoided because it can damage linoleum. Change the cleaning solution after mopping the whole floor with cool water. Rinse the mop and then go over the floors again following the sectioning you’ve made earlier. This is for rinsing purposes, clearing off the linoleum with soapy residue. Finish it up with drying your clean floors with a towel or wash cloth. You may want to try these procedures using twist mops. One for cleaning and one for drying up to save time and rid of grime.

3. The Polish

The list for floor cleaning tips and tricks won’t be complete without the polish that each type of flooring needs. Numerous types of flooring corresponds to specific type of polish.

Polish may be used aesthetically.

Varnish laminates wooden floors with a glimmering shine.

Polish protects your flooring from getting rotten.

Wooden floors, most especially, are susceptible to anay, a wood-consuming termite. Varnish somehow helps control their colonies from growing.

Polish prolongs flooring life. floor cleaning tips and tricks

As the floors get saved of termites, water accumulation and development of moulds, it’s good to put up a habit of polishing it at least annually to preserve its function ability to its maximum potential.

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Overall, knowing the basics on floor cleaning tips and tricks make the most out of your floor works’ potential. Also, you can follow our ultimate home cleaning guide to make your home clean. Get well versed of it and you’d be able to get your money’s worth.

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