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Different Types of Food Storage Containers and Their Purposes

Jul 28, 2022 Rajat Chakrobarty

A well organised kitchen looks neat, clean, and inviting, and nothing works better than containers for compartmentalising your ingredients and storing cooked food, but before we move on to the benefits of varied food storing containers, it’s important to establish a few facts.

Types of Food Storage Containers and Their Purposes

Choosing the right type of container to store your food can make a huge difference, but while serving several purposes, the most important feature of good quality, durable food containers are their ability to safeguard the health of your family. Besides this, there more benefits of using food containers for storing food.

We are all concerned about our health, and avoiding putting our families at risk from toxins that lead to several degenerative diseases. Choosing chemical-free, organic, nutrition-dense food is the first step. The second step is to store that food in the safest method possible, which makes choosing the type of food storage containers you use an equally important decision because in case you didn’t already know, storing food in inferior containers can cause toxins to leak into the food and cause a whole lot of damage to your body.

Check out our very impressive range of food storage containers that are hot sellers among our kitchen necessities because we have a storage container to serve every purpose. You can’t go wrong choosing from our range of BPA-free food containers made from the highest food grade materials designed to protect your food from harmful bacteria while guaranteeing freshness and convenience.

1. Food Containers for the Fridge

A refrigerator helps keep raw, half-cooked, and cooked food fresh for a long time, but how you store that food is important. And choosing the right type of container not only helps preserve the food better but offers convenience too. Choose food containers that can withstand low temperatures, are durable and able to handle everyday use, and preferably those that come in different sizes so you can easily stack them up to save space. Containers that allow you to see into them make identifying the food you are looking for a breeze.

2. Choose Microwaveable Containers

Preferably, containers that can go from the fridge to the microwave will work best. Microwaves, while being a huge convenience, must be used with care and choosing microwave-safe containers is key to ensuring no toxins leak into your food. Go ahead and explore our range designed for convenience and safety.

3. Convenient Containers That Look Classy

If you want to be the proud owner of a neat and well-organised kitchen, choose a couple of classy food storage containers that will dress up your kitchen counters with a sleek modern look while keeping your ingredients dry, fresh, and crisp. Colour coordinate and choose from among our plastic or glass containers, like our chic 900ml glass storage jar with stainless steel sealed lid. The range comes in a variety of easily stackable space saving sizes and designs.

4. Air Tight Containers

There are times you need your food to stay fresh for long periods, preventing the growth of mould or bacteria that lead to several diseases. An air tight food container is very handy to keep food fresh and free from foreign invasions and are especially ideal for taking food on the go.

5. Easy to Use Food Containers

The range of disposable food containers as well as those that compartmentalise cooked foods is the perfect answer to the modern lifestyle. Easy to use disposable/recyclable food containers that offer a tight seal and prevent any spills or leaks are a huge boon to busy people needing to eat on the go or at their place of work. Plus, containers that help to pack food in easy to carry compartments make taking your and your kid's lunches to work or school a whole lot easier, cleaner and non-messy; especially when packing food for young children.

6. Food Containers you Can Eat Out Of

There are well-designed food containers that make eating out of them handy. Some are designed like trays to make using cutlery easy, even while balancing the container on your knee. If you like taking meals to work and don’t want to be hassled with bringing them back to be washed up, check out the range of handy, easy to eat out of, disposable or reusable food containers. You can also buy kitchen utilities and cutleries from HOUZE.

Different types of food storage containers serve different purposes, and it's essential to choose the right one for the job. Whether you're looking to keep your food fresh for longer or pack a healthy lunch on the go, there is a food storage container out there that will meet your needs.

Happy Planning!

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