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How to Decorate with Baskets: Home Decorating Ideas

Jul 30, 2022 Daniela Mae Macale

Every home has a collection of utility baskets that serve various tasks. Bins to organize the kids' toys, craft supplies and laundry. But while helping you keep your home neat and tidy, have you thought about the aesthetic value a storage basket can bring to your home? Read this blog on how to decorate with baskets to bring that aesthetic value into your interior.

Instead of spending money on expensive accessories, pot holders, and hold-alls, consider your handy storage basket and the chic vibes it brings into your home.

10 Home Decorating with Baskets Ideas

Here are some fab ideas on how to decorate with baskets, and it can add loads of style to your home, while keeping things neat, tidy and well organized.

Idea-1. Decorating with Baskets on the Wall

Decorating with baskets on the wall is a great idea for your living room. You will find various types of wall decorating basket. You can color Eco-friendly basket made with bamboo or other plants and use them to decorate wall. There are some hanging baskets to hang wall with small plants or you can keep some small thing into the basket.

Idea-2. Use Baskets to Use Little Space in Your Home

Spaces in between counters, on top of the refrigerator and even on shelves in your home can be better used with a little help. Choose stylish baskets that are aesthetically designed to fit right in with your home's décor while helping you to tidy up and make sense of all the clutter. Modern storage baskets like the ones on offer at modern home needs stores are designed with more than convenience in mind, taking away the need to hide them away from visitors.

Some like the ones done by HOUZE are designed in various sizes and shapes to fit into those little odd spaces you don’t know how to use and find a shame to waste. Choose those odd spaces to store items you don’t often use, be practical and look for easy-to-clean materials such as plastic storage basket in attractive designs.

Idea-3. Use Wicker Basket for Potted Plants

If you find wicker baskets or cane baskets handy as clothes hampers, think again and generate decorating ideas with wicker baskets. Baskets are charming and stylish when used for potted plants. The combination of the green foliage spilling over an earthy cane basket will add plenty of chic charm to your home. Best of all, you can obtain storage baskets that come in a variety of sizes and designs that will work for any type of plant.

Idea-4. Decorating Living Room with Wicker Baskets

Apart from being the perfect plant holder wicker or cane baskets are ideal to have on display in your living room while serving a purpose. Place one next to your coffee table to hold your magazines or one near the fireplace for the extra logs, you could even have one filled with some homemade pot Pori to add a retro vibe to your home. Get creative and start utilising wicker baskets for more than holding your clothes.

Idea-5. Decorate Kids' Rooms With Baskets



Got a messy bunch of little tykes? It’s easy with the range of baskets in versatile and hardy plastic that will withstand a beating while being easy to use when it's clean-up time. Help your kids to learn organisational skills by organising their rooms with the help of storage baskets. Best of all, you will find them in a variety of sizes to easily slip under the bed, onto a shelf, or even on top of a closet.

Idea-6. Make Your Bathroom Clutter Free With Baskets



Storage units for bathrooms that are used by more than one person are especially handy and a stylish way to get your space organised. Whether it’s a bunch of shampoos and body gels for various moods, a range of bath toys for toddlers, or a basket to store your hair straighteners, curlers, and other electrical accessories, purchasing storage baskets that can be easily moved around and slipped under a counter will help tidy up and organise your bathroom so everyone enjoys privacy when it comes to having their personal items there. A great idea is to have a little wicker basket next to your water closet with a bunch of magazines and comics to keep yourself and others using the facilities occupied.

Idea-7. Farmhouse Decorating with Baskets

Get that cozy, lived-in, and welcome feel a country home offers by adding a few charming items to your living room basket made from seagrass are eco-friendly and pretty little additions to your home that can be placed strategically to add charm. Use them to store your collection of photo albums or even have them on your sideboard to store your dinner plates. The ideas are endless with these vintage-style storage basket.

Idea-8. Decorate Dress Up Rooms with Baskets

Guestrooms are usually decorated sparsely; what happens though when you have sudden guests showing up for a weekend stay? Supply the need for extra closet space by using reed baskets in lovely browns or even colours to match your guestroom décor as storage units. You can have your extra blankets and pillows in these, together with towels and any other accessories you want to make available for your guest's maximum comfort.

Idea-9. Use Baskets to Save Space

Missing a dresser? Not to worry, you can easily find the same storage space and purpose by getting a storage basket. Look for the single boxes that pull out like drawers, and you won’t have to keep moving boxes every time you need to get at something. They can be built up to serve your needs and will fit snuggly into a corner of your room. Choose semi-transparent plastic basket to easily spot stuff and make life easy.

Idea-10. Use Storage Basket in Your Entryway

Stylish baskets are cost-effective accessories to dress up and serve a purpose in your entryway. Cloth basket to store cloves, caps, etcetera can be placed on a side table, while plastic basket are ideal for storing shoes. Look for a tall cane basket and turn it into a lovely umbrella stand.

Hopefully, these 10 ideas on how to decorate with baskets will help you to decorate you home in a new way. You can also decorate your home in any occasion.  

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