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How do I choose a Good Bean Bag Chair?

Sep 15, 2021 Brien Chua
There are plenty of great options for bean bags in Singapore and they vary in size, fabric, design and materials used for the fillings. 
Bean bags are a good addition to your cosy corner at home, or even at the brainstorming room in your office. Perfect for reading, to sleep in your stomach, as a pillow or even horizontally while you enjoy your Netflix TV marathons.
How do I choose a good bean bag chair
Choosing from so many options may be daunting and we will address the different options to better fit your needs for a bean bag. So we have made your decision making for a bean bag easier with the below tips.

1. Fabric Type

In the past, most bean bag chairs were made of vinyl but it’s not comfortable and it’s not environmentally friendly. So one good option would be the Cotton Fabric since it’s breathable and comfortable for Singapore’s warm weather. 
However, most cotton fabric bean bags are not stain resistant compared to Polyester and Nylon Fabrics which has water repelling quality.
 bean bags in Singapore
We have got the brand new Cotton Fabric for the sides that are comfortable and the top to be in Polyester Fabric that are water and stain resistant coating like our LAXLA Beanbags. 
If you are looking for something fancy, you can consider a leather bean bag which will provide you with the luxurious feeling.

2. Shape of the Bean Bag

In the past, the bean bags are round in shape. However, in recent times, we have bean bags with different shapes and sizes. We now have teardrop shaped, elongated and square beanbags. 
Bean bags are rectangular in shape and are ideal for smaller homes to save space especially for your cozy corner. 

3. Usage

The uses of bean bags are numerous; usually used in the living room in front of the TV or as an addition to the interior decor. If you are using it as additional interior decor or creating a small, cozy unwinding corner at your home, be sure to choose the right color that will fit into your room decor. Bean bags are the craziest gift item and we've added this as our top Christmas gift ideas. If you have kids and pets at home, be sure to get a bean bag that is washable and dryer safe. Also, be sure to consider choosing a bean bag that features double-stitched seams for added durability.

4. Filling

Did you know that you would have to refill the beads filling every 1 year depending on the how frequent you use your bean bags? This way your bean bag will continue to have the elasticity and comfort. 
With the environment in mind, please consider using Bean Bags that uses environmentally friendly EPP and EPS beads filling. With the combination of EPP and EPS beads filling, you get the best of both world in getting a denser and more comfortable bean bag to sit on.
Now that you know all the quality of a perfect bean bag for your home - you can consider the LAXLA Bean Bags which fits all the criteria for a good bean bag.
The Laxla Bean Bag is made perfect for work, rest, and play. Double stitched seams for added durability. Filled with environmentally friendly particles that mould to the shape of your body while using. Perfect for laid back activities or even setting up a resting corner in the office.
- Made with water and stain resistant coating
- Features double-stitched seams for added durability
- Using environmentally friendly EPP and EPS beads filling
- Washable and dryer safe cover for extra convenience
- Sides made of 100% cotton. Top and bottom surface made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. EPP and EPS beads.
Our LAXLA beanbags comes in different colours such as Navy Blue, Silver Grey, Denim Blue and Denim Grey. 
Selling now at an introductory pricing of $99 (Usual Selling Price : $159).
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