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5 Simple Tricks on How To Make Fake Flowers Look Real!

Sep 3, 2019 Brien Chua

If you have faux flowers in your house you might be wondering how to make these fake flowers look real! Is it possible? Of course, it is. You can do it with only 5 simple tricks. In this blog, we're going to share the easiest, smartest, and best tricks on how to make fake flowers look real.

Why Do We Need Flowers In Our Lives

The world without any flower would look like a classroom without students. There will be no color and the world will look dull. Sometimes, people who have problems wanted to go to a place where there are lots of flowers. Why? Because flowers lessen the burden that they are feeling. Most of the time, the flower symbolizes love as the man gives a flower to the lady he loves. While others use scented candles or room sprays to keep their room fresh, others use flowers as a natural air freshener inside the house. These are some of the many reasons why we need flowers in our lives.

Why Use Fake Flower Instead of Real One?

Many people are now considering fake flowers or what they termed as “artificial flower” instead of using real flowers because of the following reasons:

  1. Most of the fake flowers are a way cheaper than the real flowers.
  2. Fake flowers need only a little care.
  3. These flowers won’t die.
  4. The real flower is not available on that particular season.

See! We have lots of reasons why to choose fake flowers. You can put one beside your children's bookshelves or your mattress for deep sweaty sleep. But wait! Mostly fake flowers really look fake. How to make faux flowers look real? Well, if you have the same question, then we will give you what you asked for.

5 Simple Tricks on How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

As promised, here are the tricks we have prepared for everyone who is asking on how to make fake flowers look real. Let’s enumerate and describe them one-by-one.

1. Know the exact looks of your chosen flower.

You can’t buy a fake flower that will look like a natural one if, in the first place, you don’t how natural flower looks like. You have to consider the correct shape of the petals as well as the leaves, what is the color of the flower and sometimes, even the sie matters.

2. Invest in a good quality fake flower.

Yes, we have included the price in our reasons why to choose fake flowers over the real ones. We have said that the fake flower is cheaper than the real one. But still, we have to invest with a good quality fake flower. If we want it to last long, then we will not settle to those cheaper fake flowers. But still, not all expensive has good quality. Better to check it to make sure. Find a store where to buy a good quality fake flower.

3. Arrange them just like arranging the real flowers.

If you are a flower-lover, then mostly you know how to arrange them properly. If not, let me help you in styling your fake flowers to make them look real. The first thing to do is to choose the flower you want. In choosing, you have to consider that to make the flowers look more realistic, try to choose only one color. In this case, it won’t be hard to make them real when they have the same colors in one vase. Just arrange their stems orderly in a clear glass to give a stylish design.

In case you want more colors of the flowers, just make sure that you will only choose 2-3 colors. More colors than this will not give a realistic look with the flower. Another way to arrange is by separating the stems of the flowers. Sometimes, you can buy them in a bunch. You can cut out the stems and arrange the flowers the way you want it.

Of course, another effective way of arranging your fake flower to make it looks real is by putting it into a clear vase and pouring water inside.

4. Clean them.

The most important way on how to make fake flowers look real is by cleaning them regularly. This is the most proven way. What do fake flowers have in common when they are still in the store? They are shiny which is also the characteristic of real flowers. No real flower became dusty, right? So try to clean them every day to give them a fresh look. You can buy wet wipes or use regular cleaning materials and clothes that are available in your house.

5. Make it as a substitute for a real flower.

More often than not, the best flowers are more expensive. If you are planning to buy hundreds of pieces of it, then it may costs you a lot. But wait, we can help you with that! How? You can now buy only a few of it and buy the fake ones for the rests. With this, real flowers will give the same effect with the fake ones. Just make sure that you will buy a good quality fake flowers as a substitute for those real flowers.

It does not matter if you use fake flowers or real ones. What matters most is you know how to make fake flowers look like real flowers. Just follow those tricks that we gave you and for sure, you’re fake flower will never go out of the season. Just try to find the best store which can provide you the best quality of fake flowers and it is in your hand how to make them more realistic.

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