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Introducing ecoHOUZE : The Green and sustainable Homeware Solutions for a greener home

Jan 28, 2024 Brien Chua

Jasmine Han

As online shopping becomes the go-to-option in the new normal, let us help you play a part in reducing carbon footprint for a green and sustainable future of Singapore.

At HOUZE, with this green and sustainability mission in mind, we are proud of introduce the ecoHOUZE brand where you can shop for eco-friendly and sustainable homeware that’s made with nature in mind.

For the ecoHOUZE collections, all materials used are sourced from sustainable origins, made friendly for the environment we live in.

Within ecoHOUZE, we utilize 3 types of nature friendly material which are seagrass, beech wood and bamboo.

The Seagrass Collection

Our Seagrass collection are made from 100% farmed materials that are eco-friendly for the environment.

All our Seagrass materials are from local farms in Vietnam

Truc Ninh District

Nam Dinh Province

Thanh Hoa Province

The Harvesting Process for the Seagrass

Harvesting times for the Seagrass in Vietnam happens two times yearly, April and October of the Lunar Calendar.

The sorting process for the farmed seagrass

  • Only the best quality Seagrass of the height above 1.65m are sorted and kept for commercial production
  • Seagrass of the height of 1.5m to 1.6m are considered as normal quality and are used to make mats for domestic usage in Vietnam
  • Low quality or dead Seagrass are then sorted for cooking or to be used to make Seagrass roof for houses
  • Other trees found within the batches combined with Seagrass as used as animal feed.

The best quality Seagrass will be sorted out and left to be sun dried for commercial usage.


Giving Back

Our Seagrass collection are hand woven by workers in the Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam.

Through this initiative, we are giving back to the local women’s union in Vietnam by providing training courses and supporting them. This helps create stable jobs for the workers who are in the poor rural areas especially women in difficult circumstances.

Being Eco-Friendly

Our Seagrass collection are 100% recyclable. So we can reduce plastic usage by buying the Seagrass collection.

Uniqueness of each nature piece of the Seagrass collection

Each item in the Seagrass collection are hand made so it may some variations. With this you can celebrate the uniqueness of each nature piece.



The Beech Wood Collection

Beech Wood is a hardwood from broad leafed trees. They are sustainable compared to Oak as they are easily replaceable and fast growing. Beech wood is normally pale cream or pale brown.


The Bamboo Collection

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and can be easily regenerated which is the reason why almost all companies whose mission is to offer eco-friendly products use bamboo asone of their raw materials. Bamboo products are also eco-friendly as they are not chemically processed with no added harmful chemicals added.



Let’s play our part together by buying eco-friendly and ethical homeware products to make your house in Singapore greener. Check out our blog on 40 best-selling HOUZE homeware products.

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