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Inverted Umbrella Buying Guide

Aug 20, 2019 Rajat Chakrobarty

In this world full of technological advancements, where a normal person would think that the world is almost complete with anything it needed, inventors tend to think of better ways to enhance the things that we used to improve lifestyle and everyday living of the people in the community. We may not think of having a phone holder that will let you watch movies without holding your phone, or a power bank that will help you to charge your phones even there is an electricity interruption.

But did you hear about an inverted umbrella?

All of us use an umbrella, right? There are different colors, different sizes, different designs, and many more differences but they all serve a single purpose; to protect its owner through rain or shine. But who else would think that there will be a better version of our umbrella? We are going to discuss about inverted umbrella buying guide, features, and pros and cons.

What is an Inverted Umbrella?

An inverted umbrella is a type of umbrella that is designed to fold inside-out when closed, instead of outside-in like traditional umbrellas. This allows for easier storage and prevents water from dripping on the user and the surrounding area when closing the umbrella. Additionally, the inverted design also provides improved protection from wind and rain as it is less likely to collapse when caught in strong gusts.

What are the features of an inverted umbrella?

A great invention needs to have great features and characteristics. What made an inverted umbrella a great invention? Go through our inverted umbrella buying guide to learn the best features of an inverted umbrella that makes it overcome the others:

  • It has C- handle

    This feature allows the user to hang the umbrella easily. It is also a great feature for those who always need to use his phone even if it’s raining. This is also great for mothers who always have their toddlers in their arms as they will only pass their hand through the C- shaped handle and they are ready to go.
  • They are made with double-layered canopy design

    This feature will make sure that the one using the umbrella will get its maximum protection since it can hold the wind that will not exceed 50 mph. Since the umbrella is not only used during rainy seasons, since this kind of umbrella is double-layered, you will be protected from the sun’s UV rays.
  • It is supported by double ribs.

    This will make opening umbrellas easier than our common umbrellas.
  • It is designed with a larger and longer frame

    You won’t be afraid that you will get wet since this umbrella can cover at least two people. This is designed a way much bigger and longer than the umbrellas we used to have.
  • It’s reverse folding ability

    Since one of the problems with our common umbrellas is it making the floors wet when closing it, the reverse folding ability of this inverted umbrella had been the solution. You don’t need to buy more cleaning materials just to dry your floors especially if it is wet season already. Waters from the outside covering of the umbrella will be collected in the middle when you closed it since the dry part will be in the cover now. In this case, it will leave the floors dry.

    Another advantage of this is that you don’t need to worry when hopping into the car or need to come inside the house since the water will be put inside the umbrella.

  • Its availability in the market

    You don’t need to worry if you are thinking about its availability. There are a lot of physical and online stores that sell this inverted umbrella. There are different colors to choose from. You just have to decide where to buy. If you choose to buy online, go their website, look for the reviews, click buy, wait for it to be delivered and there you have it. You will have the most innovative kind of umbrella: the inverted umbrella.

What the reason for some not to buy inverted umbrella?

For me, the only thing I can see that maybe the reason why people won’t be buying this is its price. Compared to our traditional umbrellas, the cost of one of these umbrella is much more expensive. Of course, the better the features, the higher the price.

Is it worth your money or is it worth to buy?

Absolutely, yes!

Even if this is more expensive than the normal umbrellas, still it is a great buy. Having this kind of umbrella is a must! Based on the given features, I think this question is unquestionable. If you are planning on getting an umbrella, I would highly recommend buying this one.

Its advanced design will be very useful in our everyday lives. As we have mentioned earlier, you can’t only use this during rainy seasons when you don’t want to get wet by rains; you can also use this during sunny days. Since direct sunlight may harm our health and skin, the unique feature of this umbrella will keep you safe.

Final Thought

Hopefully our inverted umbrella buying guide will help you choose a great  inverted umbrella. Why should we settle in traditional ones if we have a more advanced version of them? Upgrading your things doesn’t always mean that you are being materialistic or you are wasting your money. Always keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity.

But in over-all, an inverted umbrella is absolutely a great invention.

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