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Cabin Beds for Kids Buying Guide for Parents

May 7, 2022 Rajat Chakrobarty

Cabin beds are an excellent solution for families who want to optimize space and storage in their kids' rooms. These beds provide a comfortable sleeping space while also offering ample room for organizing toys, books, and clothes. Choosing the right cabin bed for your kids can be a challenging task, especially with the wide range of options available on the market. To help you make an informed decision, we've put together a comprehensive cabin beds for kids buying guide.

What is a kids' cabin bed?

A kids' bed has evolved and morphed into different variations. It is no longer a regular bed that is smaller in size. Designers have added other options to kids' beds to make them more comfortable, practical, and functional for kids.

A cabin bed is a bed with storage space underneath it. The storage space could be one huge or two equal-sized drawers attached to the base of the bed. This innovation allows you to save room for a kids' cabinet or closet because it is already provided under the bed. When you are short of space, such an arrangement is perfect for you.

Also, cabin beds are higher than the usual, regular-sized single beds. But the height is smaller than a mid-sleeper or a high-sleeper. A kid can get on the bed without the aid of a staircase. So, kids afraid to climb stairs or don't know how to climb them will find it very useful.

Some key advantages of kids' cabin beds

Now that we have described what a cabin bed is let's shed light on some of the vital benefits of cabin beds. So, let's begin.

It will save you space:

We have highlighted this above as well. A cabin bed is ideal when you have a compromised space and can't accommodate a drawer set, closet, or cabinet. A cabin bed has one attached to it. So, essentially you buy a bed and a closet with it.

You get ample storage:

A cabin bed will give you sufficient space in the drawer set attached under it. You can use this space in any way you want. Usually, parents use it for their kid's clothes, toys, or other belongings. It is totally up to you to utilize this space and take its advantage.

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Safe and practical:

There is no danger for your kid while using the cabin bed. It is perfectly safe, and you can count on it too. Your kid will not feel any risk while getting on and off the cabin bed without external aid.

What factors to consider before buying cabin beds for kids?

We will discuss different factors in our cabin beds for kids buying guide. These factors influence your purchase decision, and you must take them into account before going for the final purchase. These factors are as follows;

Easy assembling of cabin beds:

Almost all cabin beds come in a DIY mode. After you have bought them, it's up to you to assemble them in the form of a bed in your house. It may prove to be a daunting task if you have not done anything similar before or lack the technical know-how to do the job. Admittedly, the bed will have a manual explaining how to go about it, but even that requires your time, patience, and a knack for doing such labor-intensive work. You will also need an extra hand to help you put things together and move items around.

An easier option would be to hire technical help for this purpose. Nearly all furniture sellers have a team of carpenters who can do this job upon paying some extra money. You can bargain the price; usually, they charge hourly and then proceed with the job. What may take you hours to accomplish, they can do so considerably less time.

Don't trade functionality for style:

Cabin beds come in all sorts of different styles and designs. They are meant for kids, so the manufacturers go all-out to entice young children. However, it would help if you were mindful of what you are getting. Don't go for something that is overly stylized but lacks practicality and substance. The bed and the storage it offers should be easily accessible, convenient, and fit for a child. Look for a bed that fulfills these criteria. Also, buy something that is currently in vogue. It will look trendy, and your little one would like it too.

Budget-friendliness is crucial too:

Lastly, we would like to highlight the critical factor of price. Like anything else you want to buy, you will have an upper limit before committing to the final purchase. Try to observe that limit. Remember, your kid will outgrow this bed in less time than you would think. Depending on how many kids you have, the cabin bed could be obsolete very soon, so there is no point in spending a fortune over it. Get a bed that provides you with everything you want, and it remains in your budget.

Cabin Beds for Kids Buying Guide FAQs:

Lastly, in our cabin beds for kids buying guide, we will share some frequently asked questions about the topic.

Q1: Are cabin beds space savers?

Ans: Yes, they help you save space because of the storage space under them. You don't have to buy an additional chest of drawers if you opt for them.

Q2: Are they long-lasting?

Ans: As we explained above, you won't use cabin beds forever. But, for a few years that they remain under your kids' use, they work fine. Try to buy it from a reputed manufacturer to avoid quality issues.

Q3: Are cabin beds expensive?

Ans: No, cabin beds are not expensive. They remain one of the most economical choices for children's beds. We also offer collection of cost-effective activity furniture and toys for your kids.

Q4: What age group of kids does these beds caters to?

Ans: Usually, the manufacturers have provided the appropriate age level for these beds. You can ask for such information from the salesperson if it is not explicitly given. You can also estimate how safe these are for your kids by getting to know their age-appropriateness.


That wraps up our topic on cabin beds for kids buying guide. We hope you found it to be valuable and informative. Do share it among your friends and family members so that they may also benefit from this guide.

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