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Best Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Every Kitchen to Increase Functionality

Apr 28, 2022 Ken Tan

The kitchen is a multi-purpose area where you prepare meals for your family and host guests. Although we understand the vital role the kitchen plays in our daily lives, a lot of people still do not utilize the space they have to increase their kitchen functionality.

Whether you want additional storage space, display items differently, or create new ways of placing some items in your kitchen, you need the right accessories. With the right accessories, it can increase the aesthetic of your home.

Nevertheless, choosing that cabinet accessory to increase the functionality of your kitchen is a daunting task as you might not have the knowledge and skill to incorporate things in your kitchen. If you find yourself in this dilemma, this article will help you implement the best kitchen cabinet accessories for your kitchen.

5 Best Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Extra Storage

Increasing the functionality of your kitchen should not be a complicated process. Your kitchen can take a fresh look with the right accessories for kitchen cabinets and placement.

Kitchen accessories can revolutionize your kitchen into a more functional space if rightly done. What kitchen accessories can help increase your kitchen functionality? Here are a few kitchen best cabinet accessories to increase functionality in your home. Install the kitchen cabinet in the right way, they will enhance the kitchen functionality.

1. Base corner shelves

Nowadays, most kitchen corner areas are wasted because of the lack of organization. While this might not be a problem for a more oversized kitchen, if you have a smaller kitchen and want some space, you can utilize things to accommodate more kitchen items. You need a base corner shelf to make things more organized.

Interestingly, these base corner shelves offer easy accessibility while making everything visible. Remarkably, you can effortlessly pick any ingredient or item without straining yourself or searching for it. Another benefit is that you can see this stored item and will not make the mistake of restocking when they are already available. Furthermore, you can keep our kitchen appliances, glassware, utensils, crockeries, etc., on these base corner shelves.

2. Pull Out towel bracket

When cooking, you do not want to be looking for a towel to pull down that hot pot or wipe any spill. A pull-out towel bracket is one cabinet accessory to increase functionality in your home. It is essential when cooking as you can use it to dry the utensils and plates.

Nevertheless, keeping these towels in areas where they are visible can disintegrate the aesthetics of your kitchen space. A used towel can be an eye-sore, especially when you have visitors.

Therefore, you need to keep these towels in a more suitable place that is not only hidden but easily accessible when needed. Integrating a pull-out towel bracket near the kitchen sink is the best solution as it is not only accessible but also storable in a way that is not visible to everyone.

3. Open lid waste bin

Undoubtedly, you cannot do without a waste bin inside your kitchen. However, keeping your garbage bag under your kitchen sink is outdated. It is much easier to dispose of waste using waste bins with pull open lids. Assuming you are preoccupied in the kitchen preparing a meal, chopping, slicing, or cutting ingredients or vegetable, an open lid waste bin come in handy.

It is one of the cabinet accessories to increase functionality in your kitchen as you do not have to run to your garbage bin whenever you want to dispose of something. With the open lid waste bin, all you need is to pull the base rack. If you want convenience in your kitchen, you should consider adding this to your kitchen functionality.

4. Twin Larder units with wooden shelves

If you have issues choosing the best cabinet accessories for your kitchen, the kitchen pantry twin larder units can solve that issue. It comes with baskets or wire trays compatible with any kind of kitchen design.

Nowadays, you can find a pantry cabinet with five internal baskets and an additional five baskets mounted on the door to offer more storage. It offers more additional storage for people with limited storage in their kitchen. The wire tray provides space to hold utensils, dish towels, food products, etc. You do not have to relegate yourself to that small space when you have items to improve your kitchen functionality.

5. Pull down wall cabinet shelf

How about you install a pull-down cabinet organizer for your kitchen? This can help those whose hands cannot reach upper cupboards. Interestingly, you can incorporate these cabinet accessories into our upper wall cabinets. The pull-down wall cabinet shelf is easy to pull, making it a key place to store your small utensils and spice jars.

If you live in a home where both children and adults use the kitchen, you might consider installing a pull-down cabinet shelf. Both the elderly and young can access items stored.

6. Wall cabinet glass and plate shelves

Lastly, another important cabinet accessories to increase functionality in your kitchen is using a wall cabinet glass and plate shelves. You do not want to leave your glasses, utensils, pans, trays, and plates disorganized. Everything needs to be in its rightful place to make it easier when you want to pull it out. Everyone loves the convenience that comes with orderliness, especially in your kitchen.

Even your visitors would love to hang around your kitchen when you have such a clean atmosphere. Moreover, all the breakable and brittle items will be in a safe place. Today, a wall cabinet glass and plate shelve are among the most sought-after accessory to increase the aesthetic of your home. In addition, it does not cost much to get this wall cabinet fixed.


Your kitchen is like your sacred temple and requires orderliness as much as possible. Integrating kitchen cabinet accessories to increase functionality can create a different atmosphere in your home. Try out the 5 best kitchen cabinet accessories in this write-up to increase your kitchen functionality. You will not be disappointed or dissatisfied when you decide to install these cabinet accessories.

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