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Ultimate Home Cleaning Guide - Make Cleaning the House Entertaining and Easy

Jan 15, 2023 Ken Tan

You are in the proper place if you are looking for home cleaning guide. Cleaning is simultaneously accessible and challenging. Cleaning your home is a way to eliminate dirty and other unwanted items in your living area.

Cleaning improves your mood, as every single one of the best specialists in home cleaning in the area and beyond would attest. You must have experienced the calm and peace surrounding a recently cleaned home. Quite the contrary to the impact a cluttered, dirty, and unclean space has on anyone.

It does not always have to be a tedious, disagreeable chore to do the dishes. If you decide to make cleaning a family activity, it can be much more. Your family will become closer if you work together to restore the shine to your wonderful home, and if you use this as an opportunity to be creative, you might even have fun.

The very first thing you need to know is that cleaning your house is a process. Cleaning your home is something that should be done correctly. It takes commitment to keep a place spotless. Your home will look and smell better the more you clean. Therefore, creating a cleaning schedule that includes regular home cleaning is important.

Putting away the first impression, the key factor contributing to the importance of maintaining a clean home is healthy. Whatever occurs in your home quickly affects your living spaces and your family's health. Cleaning your home is the main goal.

Cleaning regularly can help avoid getting sick, having allergies, or having asthma attacks. Regular cleaning is essential if you have dogs since the pet dander constantly floating around is a problem just waiting to arise. Mold and dust mites can destroy an immune system.

Along with removing dirt and dust, it also gets rid of germs, which helps the air quality within the house and leaves a fresh aroma in its wake. The kitchen and bathroom often need extra cleaning because they are among the dirtiest areas of any home. Another key reason to maintain order and cleanliness in your home is the risk of tripping or residents hurting themselves accidentally if there is excessive clutter. 

Establishing a regular cleaning schedule is the simplest approach to maintaining a clean and fresh home. Traditional might mean different things to different people; it could be once a day, once a week, once every two weeks, or even once a month.

Some people clean a little bit every day before doing a thorough job once per week or two. What is most practical for you depend on your circumstances and timetable. Whatever you choose should be a program that you can follow consistently and fits into your lifestyle.

Daily cleaning can be the best option for you if you maintain your home in impeccable shape for your guests is crucial to you or if you are a particularly fussy person who can not stand chaos. Breaking it into smaller portions is a fantastic alternative if you never have enough time to clean the entire house.

A good deep clean is much easier when you have the right supplies, even though purchasing cleaning supplies may not be the most exciting part of setting up a new home. Cleaning products are essential to your quality of life. 

Top HOUZE Cleaning Products

Our home cleaning guide includes top house cleaning products. Here is a list of essentials that will ensure you are equipped to handle any problem, no matter how big or small.

Scrub brushes

Purchase at least one excellent cleaning brush. A plastic one with hard bristles and a handle with a rubber grip is adequate to handle the bulk of issues, including cleaning a bathtub or sink. Think about purchasing a brush set with many brush heads to tackle various locations, such as corners and even your shower head.

Toilet brush

You should not use the brush anywhere other than the toilet bowl, so purchase a special toilet brush. One with a stand is very useful because you can keep it behind the toilet. For an all-in-one cleaning experience, some brushes even have a cleaning solution container in the handle.

Multi-purpose duster

You will be glad you have an extension wand duster after you notice the cobwebs starting to accumulate on the living room ceiling fan. You will not ever have to worry about how to dust those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies if you choose one with a rotating head and enough length to reach your ceiling height.


When doing the dishes, look for sponges with a rough side to smash trapped food and a soft side for fine dishes. If you have cast iron cookware, clean it with non-metal, non-abrasive sponges. 

Get robust, heavy-duty sponges for cleaning floors, ovens, and other surfaces that require good scrubbing. Store your sponges separately to avoid cleaning your dishes with the same sponge you use to mop the floor.


Your vacuum is your hidden weapon for rapid cleanup and dust control. Consider your needs and available space when selecting one. Consider a detachable stick vacuum that can be hung up behind a door if you lack storage space. Little portable vacuums are excellent for soaking up spills if you are in a small location.

Spray bottle

A standard water bottle won’t work when attempting to distribute cleaning supplies equally. You can always start a cleaning frenzy if you invest in a few glass spray bottles. Use a roll of painter's tape and a sharpie to quickly and easily label your bottles so that you and your housemates always know which cleaning solution they are going for.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber towels are good at eliminating dust and are friendly to the surroundings. They leave no streaks on mirrors or stainless steel, making them ideal for cleaning flatscreens or furniture. You can even get them as a glove to clean challenging areas like baseboards.

Broom and dustpan

You will need a broom and dustpan for sweeping up grass clipping on your balcony or cleaning up spills like a cereal box overturned on the kitchen floor. Choose a pan with a rubber lip so it will stick to the bottom, and you can use it carefully to sweep all the dust and other dirt into it.


A mop is the best cleaning and polishing solution for hard floor surfaces like laminate, tile, or wood. There are two types of mop available: one with a grip you may fill with a cleaning agent and one with a simple stick and sponge head.

A steam mop is an additional choice for cleaning floors because it uses hot water and occasional cleaning solution. Additionally, they frequently come with washable, reusable cleaning pads that do not require wringing out like a conventional mop head.


If you use that short mop, you will also require a bucket to store your water and cleaning solution. Additionally, buckets work well for soaking items, washing cloths or sponges, and keeping cleaning materials when not in use.


Keep your hands away from the soap, hot water, and soup slop. Get a good set of rubber gloves so you can confidently undertake the messier cleaning tasks. Look for a set with a textured surface to ensure that you have a firm grasp on your brushes and other tools.


Along with keeping things tidy and convenient for you, the plunger is essential in helping to fix any choking problems with your sink, basin, and bathtub.

Surface wipes

It makes it very simple to clean household surfaces more frequently and conveniently.

Cleaning task forces that were formerly necessary to complete the work manually are now replaced by industrial cleaning equipment. Additionally, they are constructed to minimize energy usage, which is cost-effective. They are not going to contaminate the environment’s vital components.

Any item a person touched or pieces of equipment utilized while receiving care may have germs on them. On a dry surface, certain germs can survive up to five months. Any place has the potential to spread germs to you or someone else. This is why it is crucial to clean up tools and supplies. 

These are the reasons why cleaning makes you feel better

The last part of our home cleaning guide contains some reasons that why cleaning makes you feel better:

Cleaning is soothing

It is pleasant and comfortable to live in a neatly ordered home where everything has a specific location and is easy to locate. It helps you feel better to clean and tidy since you know that is what you will ultimately achieve.

Stress results from a dirty home

Do you wish to live in a demanding environment? Your house should be a calm, secure haven where you can unwind. Cleaning is almost therapeutic because it brings peace and order into your life. A tidy home is motivating.

Sleep is aided by cleaning

Nothing is more pleasant than waking up in clean, fresh bedding with a meadow scent. Additionally, if you maintain your home spotless, you will not have a fear of waking up to an utter mess and a thousand unfinished housekeeping tasks.

More efficiency allows you to save time

How frequently do you find yourself searching through your house for a lost item? This is a frequent occurrence for many people who have allowed chaos to take over their homes. A lack of organization can waste your time in many different ways. From obstacles in your efforts to be productive to have to search for essential items when you need them, dealing with an unorganized home can be quite frustrating. 

Additionally, it makes cleaning much more difficult than it needs to be. You will be less inconvenient and irritated when working at home if you keep things organized and have a designated storage area for your valuables.

Always ready for unexpected guests

Having unexpected guests arrive at your unclean home is one of the most uncomfortable experiences a homeowner can have. It makes your visitors feel very unwelcome while also making them feel guilty and ashamed of your house. The only way to be ready for out-of-town friends or relatives dropping by is to regularly clean your home because you never know when they could drop by.

Everyone appreciates a tidy home. These different cleaning tools and pieces of equipment are strong, long-lasting, and well-constructed to clean up even the most difficult problems in your house.

For every need you may have, including tools for windows, floors, tables, and more, Houze Houze Storage Inspirations has a unique cleaning product! These designs are clever and ergonomic to make cleaning a simple task.

These cleaning supplies include a range of brushes, mops, sponges, towels, and other items that can help you achieve spotless, carpet-free homes.

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