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7 Easy and Effective Tips for Drying Clothes Indoor During Monsoon

Apr 13, 2022 Brien Chua

The charm of monsoon season comes apart when clothes pile up and cause more worries and your idea of drying clothes indoor becomes difficult. Most of the time the only choice we have is to use the indoors of our homes to dry the wet clothes. Follow our guide on how to best dry your washing inside for maximum freshness and less mold. Dry clothes inside take a back seat and outside is something close to impossible.

Tips for Drying Clothes Indoor During Monsoon

You can still do your laundry and dry the cloths indoor. Below, we present you with 07 tips that can help you in drying clothes indoor during the wet monsoons and save you hassle.

1. Drying clothes indoor – prioritize: 

One might be tempted to use the full capacity of the washing machine and fill it to the top. When there are tons of dirty laundry lying around, anyone would think the same. However, it’s a bad idea to fill it to the top, because it will make the clothes even damper. Filling the washing machine to its full capacity will be hurtful, and the clothes will be more creased, giving you a hard time ironing them. The same thing is going to happen if you have a tumble dryer. Too many clothes will reduce the efficiency of the motor, and again, you’d be left with damper clothes.

There is no way of washing all the clothes at the same time, during monsoon. Rather prioritize the important clothes, wash them first and keep less prioritized ones stored in your laundry basket. When you're done with the most important ones only then move towards the fewer priority ones. One could always expect the luxury of having ample space to dry clothes, but what if you do not have that luxury? However, by prioritizing, you can do wash clothes in one go, and even with less space to dry the washed clothes, you will be the winner. Please make sure to only wash those clothes that are your requirement for the day or week for your office and home. 

2. Dripping off excess water: 

If your clothes are not dry after one spin, always make another go. The spin cycle of washing only helps with the removal of excess water to some extent. So, if you are going to hang your laundry inside always make an extra spin cycle. The extra cycle will help with the removal of excess water, hence making it easier to dry indoors. There is no need for a rush. Never hang the clothes to dry without dripping maximum water from the clothes after washing. Of course, when the clothes are washed in the machine to dry indoors, there is always a need for two to three spin cycles to let excess water drip first. After removing the excess water, you can put them to dry on the stand. 

3. Ventilation: 

Another key factor to dry clothes indoors is ventilation. To avoid dampness and mold, make sure that fresh air can circulate throughout your home by any means of ventilation. You can easily do this with the help of an air circulator fan. Also, make sure the fans in the bathrooms and kitchen are free from dust so they can do their job properly. The level of the moisture house should be near to none. To achieve this level, unrefined salt or air purifier bags are the best way to go. They both can easily absorb all the moisture from the room. With the absorption, any chance of moisture and formation of fungus and molds is reduced. By following the simple tip you can keep the indoor air fresh and healthy even in the rainy season.  

4. Use coat hangers: 

A clothing rack serves a great purpose here. You just need to put your clothes on the rack to dry and relax with your coffee. The usage of laundry hangers and pegs is going to speed up the drying process without giving out huge power bills, and it is hassle-free. Place wet clothes on a hanger and hang them on the clothes drying stand. If you are looking for a drying stand, check out our blog on must-have clothes drying racks to find the best one. Delicate clothes such as blouses should be hung off of the drying table. They can go straight into the wardrobe after they are dry, which is a bonus.  

5. Use dryer: 

The optimum conditions for drying clothes quickly is a warm and sunny day. Think about recreating that at home. Air should be allowed to flow around the rack. Make sure the airflow is not up against a wall or loaded with wet laundry. Use a fan, but that is near the laundry rack. Or the best way is to hang the laundry on the stand and put it under a ceiling fan. It will help the air circulate and make it easier for the clothes to dry quickly. 

Also, add some heat to the room. But, like airflow, the heat source should never be stuffed, and the flow should be around the stand. 

6. Invest in a dehumidifier:

If you live in an area where it rains more often, a dehumidifier is the best way to go. A dehumidifier pulls the moisture out of the air, which makes it easier for the clothes to get dry. If none of the other options work for you, this is your best shot at drying clothes indoors.  

7. Hairdryer: 

If you have a dryer at home and if you are rushing outside somewhere and priority clothes are waiting to get dried, then you can make use of the dryer. Although, the hairdryer is a difficult option to use for drying clothes, is not an impossible one. It is at least more effective than having no options at all. Use the hairdryers only if there is an urgency. Otherwise, all the above-mentioned options are perfect for indoors. 

There are more DIY methods on drying clothes and of course, anything else. You can decide to do it on your own or to adapt to a few simple products and methodologies that are already out there to help you.

Drying laundry has generally been a difficult assignment, particularly during the rainy season. We can't delay our routine because of it. So, the techniques and tools mentioned above could be used to dry clothes indoors. All the mentioned products including the humidifier and drying stand are available in various varieties. Choose the best ones for yourselves.

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