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Tips and tricks for your next party piñata

Jan 29, 2024 Brien Chua

Want your kid’s birthday to be a smashing hit? Go the piñata way! Along with being a fun activity, a candy machine, and a crowd-pleaser, it is also a quirky decoration to the whole event. So, you can't go wrong with having a piñata. But what can you do to make it more unique, fun, engaging, and something that the kids will remember for ages? Let us tell you a few tips and tricks so your next party piñata will steal the show and everyone’s hearts!

How to pick your next party piñata?

You might think, what's the big deal about a piñata, but let us tell you that the world has changed a lot since you were a kid. There are so many piñata options nowadays to choose from, such as pull-string or smashable, Angry Birds or Pokémon, giant or miniature, that your mind will naturally be boggled if you don’t plan it ahead. So let us help you out in picking the perfect piñata that brings instant smiles to all faces. Follow our step by step guide below:

1.  A theme narrows it down

Suppose you are having a magical theme party with all the kids dressed as young witches and wizards, then naturally, your piñata should go with these. You can’t have a Dinosaur piñata for sure. Therefore, having a theme definitely makes choosing a piñata easier, even if it makes the rest of the party planning a little tricky.

But then you were having a theme party anyways, so the piñata won’t add any more burden than there already was. But the theme does make it easier to eliminate irrelevant piñatas.

2.  What if you don’t find the right piñata in the market?

So you have selected your daughter’s favorite avenger as the party theme, and now you are running helter-skelter finding the right piñata? We say don’t! If you can’t find the right one in the first few shops you have tried, then there is a fair chance you won’t find it in other places too. So, why waste more energy?

Just make your own piñata! Yes, you can definitely DIY your next party piñata with some glazed paper, glitter, balloons (just to give shape), spray paint, and some creativity! We live in a world of YouTube tutorials, so make your own, make it unique, and involve your children in some creative time together.

3.  Exciting smashable piñata or a safer pull-string option?

Now there is not just one correct answer for this one. Although pull-string piñatas are much easier, smashable ones light up the whole party as the piñata bashing becomes a fun event. So it is your choice which one you’d like to go with, but there are a few things to consider.

If you are having a party for much younger kids, then pull-string piñatas can prevent unwanted injuries. They are also a lot less messy and are more manageable in larger parties. You can pick one with as many as 20 strings so each child can have a go at it and see who can get the most candy to come out. But naturally, they are less fun.

So, go for smashable ones as your next party piñata when you have slightly older kids but ensure that it is tightly tied to the rope. You can use a plastic whiffle ball bat instead of a sturdy bat that can hurt someone. Huddle at a safe distance from the hitting area and only let one kid go at a time. If supervised properly, blind-folded piñata bashing is so much fun!

4.  What to fill it with?

Now comes the most exciting part – filling the piñata! To tell you a secret, everyone enjoys candies, even the adults. So, make sure you add enough for everyone and have a mixed bag of everything.

There are so many options within candies that will fill up your next party piñata fast. You can include Tootsie Rolls, peppermints, candy necklaces, bubble gums, and so much more! So, mix it up and have a fun variety of candies inside. But don't add anything that can easily melt or break; you don't want to spoil the fun.

If you can't find enough candy options, add other small things that kids love like small toys, art supplies, play jewelry, or even glow sticks. Just make sure whatever you add is tiny, unbreakable, and not sharp.

5.  How to prevent a flop show?

So, you have gone the DIY route for your next party piñata but are worried it won’t burst open? Let us tell you a secret. Generally, piñatas should have the easiest breakpoint at the bottom center; but cut small slits with a blade at the bottom and other parts. It will ensure cheers every time the bat hits the piñata. Even if the whole thing doesn’t break open, some candy will come out at every blow.

Some safety tips to keep in mind

Although piñata is so much fun, accidents can happen anywhere. So, below are safety tips that can help you avoid them:

6.  Have enough candy for everyone

Fill your next party piñata well, so there is enough for everyone. But we know there is no exact measure of what's enough, so it is easier if you can limit how many treats each child can pick. To be safe, have some additional candies in the buffer for the kids who couldn't get any. After all, you don't want anyone to be unhappy at a party.

7.  Don’t let the kids rush to collect

We know piñata toffees are like forbidden fruits for the kids. They would rush like crazy to grab their favorite candies. But as an adult, you should prevent it. Hand them favor bags to collect them in and only let a few kids go at a time. Tell them there is a lot of candy for everyone because kids can be insecure too. And as a last resort, you do have the buffer candy.

Wrapping up the tips and tricks for your next party piñata

We hope that with our tips, your next party piñata becomes a rage among all the kids and their parents. Choose the best one for your kid, fill it well, keep the kids safe, and we are sure your party will be a blast!

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