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What to Look For in a Luxury Dog Bed for Your Adoring Pup

May 10, 2022 Rajat Chakrobarty

Suppose you want to know how to choose a luxury dog bed, then you have come to the right place. Even in the realm of luxury beds, you are spoiled for choices. So, picking the right mattress for your furry friend can be challenging. We will try to simplify it for you and hope that you will know what to look for in a luxury dog bed by the end of this article. So, let's begin.

Why do you need a luxury bed for your dog?

We all know the importance of having a good dog bed but a luxury bed is different from a regular dog bed. It has additional features that set it apart from a standard dog bed. So, the question arises why go for luxury pet beds? It will cost you more, so is it worth the price? The answer is yes; it is because of some different qualities of a luxury dog bed. It could be its design, material, size, build quality, etc. With that having said, let's look at some of the critical aspects that you should check while buying a luxury bed for your bed.

They should address the medical needs of your dogs:

It is especially true for slightly older dogs, obese, or suffering from joint pains. These beds have specially formulated mattresses and foams that give soothing relief to such dogs. The arrangement of springs is also such that it supports the body, and the dog feels relaxed.

They have heated mattresses:

This feature helps the dog maintain its body temperature and not get cold because the mattress gets warm with the body heat. This feature is beneficial in cold weather or if your dog's body temperature drops quickly and drastically.

Portability is essential too:

Look for foldable luxury beds for your dogs. You can easily carry them around. It is beneficial if you have a mobile lifestyle and your dog accompanies you on your outdoor expeditions. Also, if you frequently change your dog's bed, as you move it indoors and outdoors almost daily, portability will be a significant advantage.

Make sure the bed is a perfect fit for your dog:

This one is a no-brainer, but the dog owners often ignore it. If the bed is too small or too large for your dog, he might not like it. Also, if your dog is in a growing phase, ensure that he will not outgrow the bed. Otherwise, your money will go to dogs (pun intended). It is advisable to measure the dog's height, length, and weight and then go for the purchase accordingly.

The material should be sturdy:

The bed has to hold your dog's weight; it should be strong enough to withstand its body weight comfortably. So always look for high-quality pet beds and mats when you choose one.

If a playful environment isn't ensured dogs also tend to eat or scratch their bed. If your dog has any such habits, then look for premium pet toys that can bear the onslaught of your dog's teeth and keep your dog busy with playing.

Water-resistant or water-proof mattresses:

Next on our guide on choosing a luxury dog bed is the feature of water-resistant or water-proof mattresses. It will benefit you a lot if your dog has a weak bladder or is getting potty-trained. It is also helpful if the bed gets wet in the rain. You can easily wipe off the dampness using a dry cloth, and that's it. This feature will help keep the bed clean as you can easily wash it whenever it is dirty with usage. If you still need any help, you can try different pet cleaning accessories and toiletries.

Check the padding's material:

You can opt for the good old foam or more fanciful padding like gel-based. The choice is yours. It also depends on your dog's weight, age, and physical condition. It can be flexible, rigid, firm, thick, soft, etc. You must choose one that will be perfect for your dog. The dog's comfort should be your top concern, so make a decision accordingly.

Finalize the style and type of bed:

Dog beds come in all sorts of types. Which one will be best for you? Keep your house's space, your dog's size and weight, etc. You can opt for cot-style, cuddler, snuggler, donut-shaped, bluster, igloos, etc. Each type has its distinct features and advantages. You must see which one is most suitable for you and your dog and then make a decision.

It should be safe for your dog:

We mean it must not contain any harmful material for your dog for safety. A dog tends to chew or bite the mattress; if any harmful material gets inside it, it could cause serious medical issues. Similarly, if the bed is too high and your dog is small, it can injure itself from getting in and out of it. You don't want it to happen to buy a bed that has no such issues.

It should be aesthetically pleasing too:

You are likely to keep your dog's bed inside the house, so it should not be an ugly piece of furniture. It should look elegant and not look out of place. The bed should blend perfectly with the rest of your house's décor.


Lastly, we like to talk about price. Yes, the decisive factor behind every purchase decision. You must have set aside a budget for your dog's luxury bed, so try to stick to that budget. It will make your purchase more satisfying and rewarding.


That wraps up our guide on how to choose a luxury dog bed. We hope this guide helped you and now you know everything about buying a luxury dog's bed. It is not difficult to do so. You need to be wary of a few things, and that's it. We wish you a happy shopping. Your dog brings so much joy to your life. He deserves his pad to lie down and relax, making him comfortable by giving him a beautiful luxury bed.

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