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Top 7 Creative Ways to Use Storage Boxes

Mar 12, 2022 Brien Chua
Storage boxes seem like an ordinary object or thing we have in our homes. And most of the time, we just snob them and leave them to the sidelines inside our garage or lock them somewhere else without knowing what to put in storage boxes while there're a bunch of creative ways to use storage boxes as a storehouse.

Little do we know that they are very useful as long as you put them to good use. This is why you need to know how you can use them because you can get a lot of benefits from using them.

In this article, we are going to show you the best and most creative ways you can use storage boxes in your homes.

What to put in storage boxes?

Storage boxes are a convenient way to store and keep things looking neat. Storage boxes can also be used as self-storage solutions when you move from one place or relocate to a new place. Let's check out what are the things you can put in your storage boxes.

Unused clothes

Are your cloth storage cabinets filled with clothes? The best thing you can do with your storage boxes is to use them as a place where you are going to store unused clothes.

So, what to put in storage boxes? You surely have a lot of unused clothes in your home. And there is just no point in having them alongside the clothes you wear daily.

This is the wrong thing that most people do because they keep their unused clothes along with their favorite ones. This results in a very cluttered cabinet where your dress can easily pile up on top of one another and cause an eye sore.

To avoid this problem, you can simply choose which clothes you aren’t wearing anymore and place them inside your storage box.

Not only does this arrange your clothes, but it also preserves them because they won’t always get crumpled or folded on.


Children love to play with toys. But if toys are scattered all around your house get a storage box to store the less prioritized toys.

Let’s face it, toys are messy items because they can be scattered anywhere in your house especially if the ones playing with them are still toddlers. These babies can throw them anywhere or leave them, which can cause an eye sore on your house.

And not only that, but it can also pose safety risks especially if you accidentally step on them.

You can, again, avoid these troubles by simply putting the toys inside your storage box. These are easily accessible and ensure that the toys won’t get in your way.

Food supplies

Unknown to many, there are different types of food storage boxes; you can use them as a mini pantry where you can store your food items and supplies. This is a nice answer to the age-old question of what to put in storage boxes.

What’s great about storage boxes is that they ensure that your food won’t spoil.

They also keep them away from ants that can easily go inside your food packages and spoil them. You don’t even have to worry about the scent of your food spreading throughout your house.

Having your food supplies scattered or placed in your kitchen is surely annoying, right? Well, you can avoid that by putting them inside their designated storage boxes.

Kitchen accessories

Another thing you can do to your storage boxes is to use it as a place where you are going to store your kitchen accessories.

Your things such as knives, utensils like spoons and fork, as well as frying pans and all that go with them, can be cleanly tucked inside your storage box.

You might have noticed that most kitchens look very topsy turvy because of the many kitchen accessories placed just on top the sink or countertop. Avoid this by putting them inside a storage box.

Not only does this keep your kitchen accessories organized, but it will also surely beautify your kitchen.

It’s also a smart way to keep them clean because lizards, cockroaches, or even flies or other insects can’t touch them. Note that these are very common in kitchens. So, it makes sense for you to place them inside a storage box.


Another thing you can do is to use your storage box as a container for your household hand tools such as those that you use for hardware activities like hammer, drill, saw, and other DIY tools.

You need a place where you can securely place them in so that they won’t cause any safety hazards.

Aside from the safety feature, you can also ensure that they last longer because they won't easily get damaged knowing that they are placed in a secured container.

Just make sure that they are placed in their respective packaging so they won’t hit each other when placed inside the box.

Emergency kit

You can also use your storage boxes as a place to store your emergency kit. What’s great about this is that you store them in a single place which is easily accessible.

If there is someone who just got injured in your house, then you just head straight to the storage box, open it, and get whatever you need to avert the effects of the injuries.

Bandage, cleaning alcohol, or even medical stitches can all be placed there. You can also use this as a box which you can bring anywhere, for example if you’ll go to a camping trip or out of town vacation.

Just haul it at the back of your car and you’re good to go.


And last but not the least thing you can do to your storage box is to use it as a place to store your laundry. You need to keep all your dirty clothes in one place so that their smell won’t scatter throughout the house.

Aside from that, this is also a smart way to make sure that the germs found on the used clothes won’t anymore contaminate other things in your house because they are already placed in a sealed container. As you are storing dirty clothes you need to clean your laundry baskets regularly.


The answer to the question, what to put in storage boxes, has just been answered. If you're looking for a more permanent solution you can check our storage cabinets online to keep your space tidy. They are carefully crafted with sturdy materials like pinewood and plastic. Untidy chaos will undoubtedly be transformed into a usable area, leaving the space seeming tidy and large.

If you love DIY projects you can also go for a DIY storage cabinet project as there're enormous important benefits of DIY Storage Cabinet Projects.

And concluding all of this, you can see that there are many things you can do to a storage box.

You just need to think about practicality and also be as creative as possible so you can make the most out of these underrated but very important things inside our homes.

It’s all about ensuring organization and cleanliness. Just choose the right size and design and you’ll surely get a ton of benefits from it.

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