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The Best Gardening Tools for Adding Greenery To Your HOUZE!

Jan 15, 2023 Ken Tan

A few years ago, a global pandemic happened worldwide. People started to buy groceries to stock and panicked due to the widespread disease called Corona Virus or, in short, COVID-19. Every establishment worldwide shut down to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of the virus. 


In addition, staying at home for two years is both frustrating and depressing because you cannot do what you used to do before the pandemic. But, despite that, we still get the chance to discover and learn new things and hobbies to escape from the anxieties and worries that everyone feels. Some learned how to bake different pastries and do artwork, and most people started to collect different kinds of plants and grow a plant, or in other words, they did gardening. 

Gardening Is Fun

Gardening is a type of activity of growing and cultivating plants and a hobby or pastime. Generally, gardens have a universal appeal to everyone, and it is difficult to deny them. The existence of greens in our lives does something to lighten our sometimes gloomy modern world. 


Furthermore, gardening can be beneficial in a variety of ways. It might be advantageous to the environment, soil, and your health. It is an effective way to destress, nurture something, and set goals for yourself. Growing your product is an excellent method to become more sustainable at home. 


As mentioned above, gardening can also be a wonderful hobby. It's something you can do from time to time, season after season, and even as you grow older and reach the golden years of your life. 


Having insufficient plant beds or a large backyard is not a problem because you can garden indoors. As a result, gardening is a sophisticated and healthy hobby. In addition, gardening offers a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. 


Everyone knows that gardening is done outside, wherein most garden people are exposed to sunlight. Many of you know that sunlight contains vitamin D, which benefits our health, especially our bones, teeth, and muscles. Regarding our mental health, gardening is an ideal solution to reduce the stress and anxieties we experience every day. Through gardening, we connect ourselves to nature and get the chance to connect with other people, which is a great way to lighten our stress. 


In addition, gardening is also better with your family. It is one of the best hobbies and bonding you can share with your family, especially with your children. Nurturing them to care for a living thing and teaching them to be responsible for their aspect of the environment are excellent lessons to impart. 


If you plan gardening in your front yard or backyard, it is important to have all the appropriate garden tools for better planting. Gardening is a hobby that you can do for many years. That is why it is also important to purchase high-quality garden tools that can withstand in the long run. These items are available online through different online shopping stores.

Where To Buy Gardening Tools In Singapore?

HOUZE- Storage Inspiration 
is the best online shopping store if you are looking for a reliable store to meet your satisfaction. We offer gardening tools that are not easily rusted and contain durable coating. Check our official website to see the gardening tools that won't disappoint you! 


In terms of gardening, it is essential to use the proper gardening tools. It is vital for planting, plant care, and harvesting. Gardening without useful tools will cost you a lot of time and effort. These tools ensure better handling and gardening results. As a result of using the right tools will increase your productivity in gardening. 


In addition, garden tools come in different shapes and sizes. Each type of tool has a variety of functions and characteristics. To do perfect gardening, you must choose the right tools and understand how to use them. 

Why Buy Gardening Tools?

Before we go through the different gardening tools and their uses, let's first discuss why they are necessary. 

It saves time 

Using proper gardening tools can substantially reduce the time needed for gardening. But take note and each gardening tool is designed to perform specific tasks. As a result, you are far more efficient at using them because your hands are not intended for gardening. They are less effective. 


In addition, a shovel can dig faster than your hands. The use of carts, on the other hand, improves transporting of soil from one place to another efficiently. Furthermore, if you do not use any gardening tools, you need to put so much effort into each task, which will tire you and prevent you from doing much gardening. However, if you have and use the proper tools, you can finish planting faster and save a lot of time. 

It will result from better gardening.

All your gardening tasks will be much easier if you use the right tools. For example, you can use tools to clean up and remove all the grass. If you try to remove grasses from your hand, there is a chance that some will be left. 


In addition, if you do not use a water hose or other tools to water plants, your plants will not get enough water and won't grow as well. And for some reason, your plants might die. That is why it is essential to have the proper tools because they perform a specific task in gardening. 

A good help in digging and cleaning 


As we all know, digging and cleaning are part of the gardening process. Using proper tools like shovels and spades can make the daunting task of digging your soil easier. Using wooden poles with your hand is extremely challenging in digging the hard ground. On the other hand, a spade comes in handy for digging jobs. You can use it in digging holes in tight quarters. 


Finally, these are the factors that you need to consider why having proper garden tools is essential. After knowing these aspects, it's time to learn the different gardening tools and their uses. 


It is one of the essential tools in gardening. A spade has a long wooden handle and a rectangular metal shovel. It is useful for removing dirt from one place to another, moving sand, or digging holes. When it is purchased, it can last long. 


Using a garden spade has benefits because planting and transplanting require spades. The flathead design is excellent for digging holes and pulling plants out of the ground. It is important to consider that a garden spade is better suited for loose, non-compacted, or rocky soil. 


On a final note, there are no such garden tools that can do all the jobs. A garden spade is indeed an essential tool in gardening. Even though it is not ideal for deep digging in compacted or rocky soil, its extreme versatility in the garden fill in for its setbacks. 

Different Gardening Tools

  • Trowels 

Trowels are incredibly useful to gardeners. Planting holes are tucked, and seedlings are transplanted. It is also used to remove unwanted grass in the area. It has a bendable wooden or plastic handle and an attached pointed metal blade. If you want a durable trowel, purchase one with a stainless steel blade. 

In addition, the trowel has a pointed blade shaped like a scoop and is longer than a spade blade. A trowel is also useful for digging holes intended for planting vegetables and other small plants, but its scoop shape also is essential in lifting the plant from the soil for transplant.

  • Prong Hoe

A prong hoe may be a simple garden tool, but it is ideal for keeping away unwanted grass and cultivating the soil. This tool is for you if you need a long-reaching and comfortable handle. 

It has a long handle with a blade or paddle at the end that is angled to the handle. They are designed to be used back and forth. Since it has an edge on both sides, the garden hoe is the best gardening tool for weeding. The main function of this tool is to prepare the seedbed and turn the soil into rows. 

  • Rakes

You most likely have a traditional lawn rake designed for removing fallen leaves and sticks, but you might want to keep a ground rake in your gardening pit. This rake is used for smoothing the soil and eliminating clumps in a new or existing seedbed. 

Moreover, In gardening, you need to have at least a rake. A rake is used to remove leaves and other space junk. You can use an affordable rake with a fork-like nail. A bigger rake, on the other hand, is needed to keep the garden neat and clean. Several types of rakes are available on the market, such as wooden or plastic rakes, but a metal style is the best option because it lasts longer and is more efficient at smoothing and breaking up soil.  

Considering the proper garden tools mentioned above is the best decision you have ever made. These tools are essential in caring for your plants and their growth. There's nothing wrong with using the proper garden tools because you get some benefits from them. Such as, it saves your time and gives you the best result in gardening. 

In addition, all of the garden tools stated above are garden tools that you can purchase at HOUZE. Each garden tool is guaranteed and safe to use in gardening. Also, these tools can function well in your garden. 

All in all, you may need a garden at some point in your life. It might include fruits and vegetables for your daily needs, flowers to decorate and make your house visually appealing, or any other notable benefits of having a garden. Once you've made up your mind to have a garden, the most important thing to prioritize more is to maintain and keep it up. 

In addition, you can do some of the tasks or work with your hands and strengths. However, it is still accomplished efficiently with the support of gardening tools. Gardening is a hobby and pastime for some and an occupation for others. It is essential to integrate with work most effectively, whether it is an occupation or a hobby. Due to the variety of gardening tools available on any market and online shops, not everyone can afford them. 

To conclude, use these gardening tools for effective and efficient gardening! These tools are available at an affordable price at the HOUZE-Storage Inspiration —

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