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The High-Grade Plastic Chopping Boards for a Great Cooking Experience in Your HOUZE!

Jan 15, 2023 Ken Tan

When cooking in the Kitchen, having the right kitchen tools is essential. It makes every cooking as functional as possible. 

If you are trying to cook new recipes or dishes, it might be time to upgrade your kitchen pieces of equipment collection. Everyone, especially moms, yearns to have well-prepared and healthy food served on their tables. Aside from the kitchenware, such as pots and pans, plates, cutleries, and glassware, it is also important to have chopping boards to make every meal preparation as special as possible. 

A chopping Board is also known as Cutting Board. It is one of the kitchen tools you must have in your house. It's usually used as a protective surface to slice or cut vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. In addition, Chopping Boards are made of Plastic, wood, or cork. 

Moreover, chopping boards are available in different thicknesses, sizes, and shapes to accommodate a variety of food preparation and storage necessities. Chopping boards are probably one of the essential kitchen tools, it is impossible to cook without one, so it is necessary to know about them.  

Each kitchen tool you need for your cooking session has its purpose and importance. You must know the significance of every cooking tool you purchase, and as a result, you will not waste any coins. 

The Significance of Chopping Boards 

A chopping board, also referred to as a Cutting board, is a durable cutting material used to chop food. These surfaces improve kitchen hygiene by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and germs into the food. 

Furthermore, when cutting food, everyone looks for long-lasting and safety, especially when cutting raw meat. That is why there are various high-quality chopping board offers on the market. A durable and high-quality chopping board has an outer edge intended to catch the juices that run off while cutting raw poultry or meat. Long-lasting and credible chopping boards also keep the sharpness of your knives from dulling over time. 

Having a chopping board in your Kitchen is important because it is essential for various tasks, such as cutting vegetables for a stir fry or chopping green leafy for salad. Since the chopping board comes into contact with most food products, it is important to change it once a year. These chopping surfaces are available in various materials. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Maintenance and cleanup are necessary regularly for the regular cleaning of a chopping board, and several materials are more dependable than others. 

Considering the significance of the Chopping Boards, it is also important to know the different types of chopping boards so that you can choose what works best for you and in your Kitchen. 

Here are the different types of chopping boards. 

Chopping Boards and knives are the greatest kitchen duo. Just like knives, it is best to think carefully about the type of chopping board to purchase. It is more than just a safeguard for your kitchen countertops. When deciding which type is best for you, you must consider its benefits and complexities. 

  • Wood Chopping Boards 

The most popular chopping board is wood, which is at the top of the list. This type of chopping board is considered a classic kitchen tool. It can withstand for years because of its traditional appearance and with the proper care and maintenance. 

In addition, the durability of wood chopping boards is one of their most obvious advantages. It is popular to be resistant to regular use. This durability makes a wood chopping board a wise financial investment and a safe tool. You need a sturdy and dependable surface when preparing raw meat and poultry. This is necessary to avoid harm. A wood chopping Board promotes stability. 

  • Plastic Chopping Boards 

Plastic chopping boards became popular after Plastic became an industrial material, making it readily available. This type of chopping board is notable for being dishwasher-safe and reasonably priced. Since they are affordable, one can purchase two or three different sizes and colors for special food preparation and functions. 

In addition, when the surface of a plastic chopping board becomes deeply scarred, it should be replaced by a new one. The main reason is that bacteria thrive in these knife-scarred areas and can lead to serious illness when transferred to the food. 

  • Bamboo Chopping Boards 

For eco-warriors, bamboo is the ideal environmentally friendly alternative chopping board. Tough grass is a renewable, sustainable resource that does not require chemicals to grow or be harvested. 

However, it is not just for homeowners who are fond of eco-friendly chopping boards, and it is also popular among the general public. This is due to its cool, stylish appearance and the fact that it does not absorb liquids easily, making it less prone to cracking and warping. Because bamboo is naturally non-porous, it is more resistant to moisture and can last for years. 

Considering these different chopping boards, it is time to decide which type is best for your Kitchen. But always keep in mind that regardless of the kind of chopping board you choose, cross-contamination is greatly avoided by assigning several boards separately and solely for a specific function.  

Nowadays, these chopping boards are popular in the market. It would be best if you always remembered that you choose the best shop to invest in with these chopping boards. HOUZE-Storage Inspiration offers a high-quality collection of plastic chopping boards that would meet your requirements. These are durable boards that can last longer, and in fact, they come in different sizes and are made from high-quality Plastic that is guaranteed and safe to use. You can visit our official website to explore our chopping board collection. Happy Chopping!

Why invest in Plastic Chopping Boards? 

It's easy to overlook the simple chopping board when thinking of kitchen essentials, but it's greatly useful and important to the Kitchen. A chopping board serves several functions. High-quality plastic chopping boards are used for anything and everything, from cutting onions, mincing garlic gloves and chopping vegetables to cutting meat, chicken, and fruits. As a result, it is essential to invest in high-quality plastic chopping Boards. 

Moreover, if you think chopping boards are unnecessary, try chopping a lot of raw meats, vegetables, and fruits for different dishes for your family or preparing a get-together dinner party without one. Isn't it frustrating? Having high-quality chopping boards in your Kitchen will prevent you from having to cut tomatoes on kitchen plates, which will dull or ruin your knife blades. 

As mentioned above, every type of chopping board has its purpose. A chopping board with an outer edge or grooves is ideal for slicing fruit and meat because the edge catches the juices and prevents them from spilling onto the kitchen countertop. 

In addition, chopping boards that are anti-slip and leakproof in design are great to ensure that your chopped fruits or meat will not spill and go to waste. 

The finest plastic chopping boards are easy to maintain and clean. Easily cleaning it is the tremendous advantage of using a high-quality plastic chopping board. Most plastic boards are guaranteed dishwasher-safe, and you can toss them without worrying about warping. 

Additionally, chefs in commercial kitchens usually don't have enough time to wash their chopping boards, which is why using Plastic is a time saver.

Moreover, high-quality plastic chopping boards are strong and long-lasting. Food-grade engineered Plastic also handles heat well. As a result, you don't need to worry about them melting in hot conditions. Despite their toughness, plastic chopping boards are gentle with knives and keep their blades from dulling. 

Another great thing about plastic chopping boards is that they are far more sanitary than wooden ones, which can easily catch bacteria and other microbes. Cleaning wooden chopping boards is difficult if you cannot wash them with a dishwasher. With plastic chopping boards, you don't need to worry about storing bacteria from meat juices because the dishwasher's high heat kills all kinds of germs. 

Sometimes you might think plastic chopping boards may appear extremely expensive given their numerous benefits, but this is not the case. Purchasing a large plastic chopping board can only cost you a little money. Given how long these chopping boards last, that's a reasonable price. So choosing plastic chopping boards will save you money in the long run. 

In addition, you can save more money by purchasing these chopping boards because no other material can compete with the benefits of plastic boards. 

Considering all the benefits you can get from plastic chopping boards, it is important to know the things to consider when choosing the right plastic ones for your Kitchen. 

When buying chopping boards, size is one of the most important factors. Consider where and how often you will use it and how many items you need to cut on it. A larger chopping board is ideal for working in a commercial kitchen. A smaller chopping board will be enough if you only cut herbs and peppers. In addition, if you have a small kitchen space, you can purchase the flexible and easy-to-store chopping board. 

Another thing to consider is the type of material. This is often ignored, but understanding the basic types of materials, especially Plastic, is essential. High-grade plastics like polyethylene and polypropylene are generally the best types, especially when compared with acrylic Plastic, which can cause more damage to your blade. 

Second, to the last, it is necessary also to check if the plastic chopping you purchase is easy to clean. As you know, nobody wants to waste time hand washing their chopping board after using it. Look for dishwasher-safe and friendly plastic chopping boards with a high-temperature bearing capacity for easy and quick cleanup. And don't forget to always follow the manufacturer's guides when cleaning the board for optimal performance. 

All in all, a kitchen is incomplete without the presence of a great chopping board. It is a necessary tool that most families rely on daily. If you are fond of cooking, you would want a sturdy chopping board for safe food preparation. 

Investing in a high-quality, affordable chopping board is important because it serves as your Kitchen's best friend. It makes every meal preparation as fast as possible. High-grade plastic chopping boards are ideal for your Kitchen because they are inexpensive and offer various benefits. You can use these chopping boards in a commercial kitchen and Kitchen at home. Before purchasing, it is important to understand key features and details about plastic chopping boards. 

Are you looking for a place where you can purchase high-quality chopping boards? HOUZE provides the finest chopping boards with visually appealing designs that can add a touch of elegance to your Kitchen. Each plastic chopping board is guaranteed and safe to use, and it has smooth and round edges. This kitchen tool will perfectly fit in your home! 

To explore the collection of chopping boards, you can visit our website at Enjoy, and happy chopping!

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