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Unleash your creativity with HOUZE Balloon Accessories and Supplies.

Apr 27, 2023 Daniela Mae Macale

Are you planning a spectacular soiree and fancy some riveting embellishments? Fret not, as HOUZE's balloon accessories and supplies, available in Singapore, are at your rescue. They offer various intriguing and delightful balloon goodies - from stands and bases to confetti balloons and tassels. And that's not all! You can assemble your balloons into striking formations with their ingenious balloon decorating strip and tape.

Why Should You Go for HOUZE's Balloon Accessories and Supplies?

At HOUZE, we cater to every party and event with an extensive range of products designed to create breathtaking balloon displays. Be it a birthday bash, a baby shower, or a wedding reception. Our offerings ensure your decorations leave a lasting impression.

Our balloon stands, and bases are ideal for crafting unique balloon centrepieces. They come in various sizes and hues to perfectly complement your party's theme. And, not to forget, their robust construction guarantees your balloons will hold firm all through the event.

Are you looking to infuse some colour into your decorations? Then, our confetti balloons and tassels are just the ticket. You can establish a lively and festive mood with a broad spectrum of colours and styles. Furthermore, the superior quality of our materials ensures your balloons maintain their vibrancy throughout the celebration.

And guess what? Organising your balloons is a piece of cake with HOUZE's balloon decorating strip and tape. This handy accessory lets you create balloon garland arches more efficiently, simplifying the post-party clean-up.

Craft Your Balloon Centrepieces with HOUZE's Balloon Stands and Bases

Balloon centrepieces are a marvellous way to inject some thrill into your party. Here's how you can create dazzling centrepieces with HOUZE's balloon stands and bases:

  • Choose the Perfect Size and Shade

Our balloon stands and bases come in many sizes, so you can use different colours of balloons to match your party's theme. Select the ideal size to coordinate with your balloons and decorations.

  • Inflate Your Balloons

Inflate your balloons to the size you desire and tie them off. You can use a balloon portable hand pump or inflate them manually.

  • Secure the Balloons to the Stand or Base

Fasten your balloons to the stand or base using the supplied clips or ties. Ensure they are secure and evenly spaced.

  • Add Some Finishing Touches

Spruce up your balloon centrepieces with additional embellishments, such as tassels or confetti, to make them extra special.

Add a Dash of Colour with HOUZE's Confetti Balloons and Tassels

Want to inject some colour into your party decorations? Our confetti balloons and tassels, available in Singapore, are just what you need. Here's how you can utilise them to create a vibrant and festive atmosphere:

Pick Your Colours

Our confetti balloons and tassels are available in various colours to match your party's theme. Choose the hues that best complement your decorations and create the desired effect.

Inflate Your Balloons

Inflate your balloons to the size you want and fill them with confetti. You can use a balloon pump or helium kit. 

Add Some Tassels

Fasten some tassels to your balloons using the supplied ties. You can use different colours and lengths to create a unique and eye-catching effect.

Display Your Balloons

Position your confetti balloons and tassels at your party's prominent place to establish a festive and colourful atmosphere.

Arrange Your Balloons with HOUZE's Balloon with Decorating Strip and Tape

Arranging your balloons is a cinch with our balloon decorating strip and tape. Here's how you can use it to create stunning balloon displays:

  • Trim the Strip to Size

First, cut the balloon decorating strip to the length needed using scissors. Ensure the strip is long enough to hold and accommodate all your balloons. 

  • Attach Your Balloons

Secure your balloons to the strip using the provided holes. Make sure they are evenly spaced and firmly attached.

  • Create Your Design

Using the strip as a base, create your desired balloon design. Then, you can effortlessly craft arches, garlands, and other eye-catching arrangements.

  • Secure with Tape

Use the provided balloon decorating tape to hold your balloon design in place. It will ensure your balloons stay put throughout the party.

Showcase your creativity with HOUZE Balloons! 

In a nutshell, HOUZE's balloon accessories and supplies are an absolute must for those seeking to add a touch of fun and excitement to their party decorations in Singapore. From balloon stands and bases to confetti balloons and tassels, HOUZE has everything you need to create awe-inspiring and unique displays. Moreover, with their balloon decorating strip and tape, assembling balloons and creating stunning designs has always been challenging. So, don't delay! Get creative with HOUZE's balloon accessories and supplies today!

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