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Why a Good Dog Bed is Important—Top Comforts for Your Best Friend

Jul 27, 2022 Rajat Chakrobarty

Your best friend certainly deserves extra special care, and nothing shows them how much you cherish their presence than providing them with a comfortable space to call their own. A good bed will benefit your dog’s well-being by providing a spot where they can enjoy a long, healthy, and undisturbed sleep, which is important for dogs who need up to 18 hours of sleep a day—and now you know why your pet is up for a nap at the wag of a tail! Let's elaborate on why a good dog bed is important for your furry friend.

Dog bed is one of the essential pet supplies. Pet beds are specially designed for owners who dislike their dogs sleeping on the ground but understand the importance of encouraging their dogs to be independent. Choosing the best range of pet beds and pet mats for your doggie like those offered by popular stores like HOUZE will help both you and your four legged friend to rest easy. And if you still need convincing to get your pet off your bed and into one of their own, check out the rest of this article to understand why investing in a good quality dog bed is beneficial for your furry friend's overall wellbeing.

A Good Dog Bed Will Offer Support to Your Pet

It is common for dogs to develop degenerative conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other types of joint pain as they age. Providing your puppy with a supportive, well-cushioned bed will ensure maximum joint comfort from the start. And because pet beds and mats come in a variety of sizes, you can easily keep transitioning your dog's bed sizes as they continue to grow. Not to worry, no matter how large your dog gets, you will find pet cushion bedding in the perfect size—even extra-large.

Keep Your Dogs Personal Space Clean

If your dog sleeps on your bed, you are probably no stranger to finding loads of sand and mud on your bed occasionally. What about the nights you wake up to a load of slobber dripping down your face; it’s not very pleasant no matter how much you love your dog. Let’s not forget the number of mites and bacteria your pet may be unknowingly trekking onto your bed. You can solve the problems by training your puppy to sleep in its own space, in comfort. Choose a pet bed with a removable cover and you will find that no matter how messy, or how much your little pal slobbers you can easily clean up his bed and have it smelling fresh and ready for a cosy nap at any time. You can also use our antibacterial pet wipes and pads to wipe out the dirt.

If you do own a dog that loves long walks through mud and dirt, you may find choosing a dark coloured pet bedding with anti-slip interiors in perhaps grey or dark brown the best option, to camouflage your messy friend's habits.

Your Dog Gets Necessary Rest


The reason a dog must sleep so much is due to its need to recalibrate its memory and also revitalise its energy, especially little puppies, who will be ready for another round of play after a good nap. Sleeping also makes your dog smarter, as researchers discovered that dogs can remember new commands they learned better after a good night's sleep and rest.

We hope that you understand why a good dog bed is important. If you plan to spend a chank amount and get a luxury bed, we suggest you to first identify what to look for in a luxury dog bed. Enjoy happy days with your pet!


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