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10kg Airtight Rice Storage Box With Lid (Dim: 34x23x22cm)

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Material: Virgin Polypropylene, LDPE, Polycarbonate
Dimension: 34L x 23W x 22H cm
Capacity: 10kg Litre

Discover the Revolution in Rice Storage: The HOUZE Collection!

Redefining Freshness: A Guardian for Your Grains

Introducing the HOUZE - 10kg Airtight Rice Storage Box With Lid collection: a masterful blend of form and function crafted to preserve the freshness of your grains. This is no ordinary storage box made from premium-quality PP (Polypropylene) and Silicone. It's your rice's best ally against time and the elements.

Materials that Speak of Trust

We've chosen PP and Silicone not just for their aesthetics but for their resilience. While PP fights off external moisture with its robust nature, Silicone offers an impeccable airtight seal, ensuring your rice remains as fresh as the day you bought it. This is our promise of trustworthiness and longevity.

Inspired by Singapore: A Nod to Our Rice Culture

Rice is more than just food; it's a cherished part of our Singaporean identity. Taking cues from the Singaporean household's desire to keep their rice pristine, we've included a transparent window so you never have to guess your stock levels again. No more unexpected empty boxes during meal prep!

Introducing the Star: Large Capacity with Thoughtful Additions

The HOUZE - 10kg Airtight Rice Storage Box With Lid is a game-changer. It holds a generous amount of rice, and we've also added a handy measuring scoop. Portioning is no longer a chore but a delight. It's all about making your daily routine smoother.

HOUZE: Where Home Meets Quality

In the name "HOUZE," we encapsulate a philosophy where your home's essentials, like food security, are given paramount importance. We aim to resonate with your needs, offering products that fit seamlessly into your life.

Why Choose the HOUZE Collection?

The advantages of our collection extend beyond just storage. It ensures your rice remains delectably fresh and devoid of pests. The clear view lets you plan your meals effortlessly; with the measuring scoop, there's zero waste. With HOUZE, you're not merely purchasing a box but embracing an enhanced culinary experience.

Step into the Future of Rice Preservation with HOUZE!

Join the myriad of Singaporeans upgrading their kitchen essentials with the HOUZE - 10kg Airtight Rice Storage Box With Lid. Choose fresh, choose bright, choose HOUZE. Your rice deserves the best. Upgrade now!

  • Suitable for storing dry grains
  • It comes with a measuring scoop
  • Large storage capacity
  • Quality PP and Silicone
10kg Airtight Rice Storage Box With Lid (Dim: 34x23x22cm)

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