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Airtight Food Container - 650ml

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Material: Polystyrene, Polyethylene
Dimension: 20.2L x 13.7W x 3.7H cm


Reinvent Your Storage Game with HOUZE Airtight Containers!

A Space-Saver's Dream Come True: HOUZE introduces its Airtight Food Container Collection – the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. In our urban setting, where every inch counts, we bring a solution that effortlessly transforms your kitchen space.

Why Our Containers Stand Out: Crafted from MS Acrylic combined with PE, our containers promise durability and an unbeatable airtight seal. This means your food remains as fresh as the day it was stored, reflecting our commitment to quality and freshness.

Design Meets Functionality: Drawing from contemporary minimalism, our containers, sized at (20.2L x 13.5W x 3.8H) cm, slot effortlessly into tight spaces, turning chaotic shelves into visual delights. Elegance meets efficiency in this perfect storage solution.

Meet the Star – The HOUZE Airtight 650ml Container: This isn't just another container. Tailored for Singapore's discerning customers, it's microwave-safe, exquisitely airtight and designed for optimal stacking. Freshness, accessibility, and order all in one.

Our Name, Our Promise: 'HOUZE' is more than a brand. It symbolises our vision of transforming a mere 'house' into a 'home' where orderliness and comfort converge. A place where every item has its perfect spot.

Unlock the Magic of Organised Living:  It's time to declutter with our HOUZE Airtight 650ml Container. Experience the joy of a neat pantry and the luxury of prolonged freshness. Stack, save and simplify with HOUZE.

Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion Awaits!

For those in Singapore striving for a blend of elegance and practicality, HOUZE's Airtight Food Container Collection is your calling. Elevate your kitchen's aura and feel the difference of refined organisation, one container at a time.


Airtight Food Container - 650ml Airtight Food Container - 650ml Airtight Food Container - 650ml

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