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Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters

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Material: Latex
Dimension: 14L x 2W x 18H cm

Elevating Celebrations with Elegance: Discover the Magic of HOUZE's Silver Glitter Balloons

At HOUZE, we believe that the heart of every celebration is the joy and sparkle it brings. That's precisely why we're excited to unveil our latest addition, the HOUZE - Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters. These balloons are not just decorative items; they are the embodiment of festivity and elegance.

The Essence of Latex: Durability Meets Elegance

Our balloons are crafted from 100% pure latex, a material celebrated for its remarkable strength and elasticity. This choice of material isn't incidental. Latex, in its essence, represents resilience and flexibility - qualities that are integral to any memorable celebration. The durability of latex ensures that our balloons stand the test of time and joy, remaining intact and buoyant throughout your event. Moreover, the non-toxic nature of latex aligns with our commitment to your safety and well-being, ensuring that these balloons are suitable for all ages.

A Symbolic Representation

Each balloon in this collection is a testament to the fusion of durability and beauty. The silver glitter sprinkled on these balloons is not just about aesthetic appeal; it symbolises the sparkle and zest of life's special moments. They reflect our philosophy at HOUZE - that every celebration is unique and should be adorned with elements that elevate its essence.

For Every Occasion, A Balloon to Remember

Whether it's a birthday bash, a romantic wedding, or a heartwarming baby shower, our Silver with Glitters balloons are designed to fit seamlessly into any setting. Their ease of inflation, compatible with air and helium, makes them a practical choice for indoor and outdoor gatherings. The universal appeal of silver, combined with the playful glitters, makes these balloons a versatile accessory for any theme or decor.

Add a Sparkle to Your Celebration

Our HOUZE - Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters not only promises visual delight but also guarantees practicality and safety. Their robust latex construction means they can withstand the exuberance of your celebrations without bursting prematurely. These balloons' non-toxic and elastic nature makes them a safe and versatile choice for all age groups. Suitable for air or helium inflation, they offer flexibility for various celebration scenarios. Choosing our Silver Glitter Balloons means opting for an accessory to enhance your event's aesthetic and contribute to the joy and memories it creates.

Designed with our Singaporean customers in mind, these balloons reflect the vibrant and diverse celebrations that mark the cultural tapestry of Singapore. Elevate your event with HOUZE's Silver Glitter Balloons, and let the festivities begin with an added touch of elegance and sparkle.

Features of HOUZE - Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters: 
  • Made of 100% pure latex that's strong and durable
  • Elastic, thick and non-toxic
  • Hassle-free to blow up and can be filled with water or air
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in a variety of fun colors and designs

HOUZE - Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters Balloons (Set of 10) - Silver with Glitters

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