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ecoHOUZE Seagrass Tray - White (Large)

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Material: Natural Seagrass
Dimension : (35L x 35W x 12H)cm

Embrace Sustainable Elegance with the ecoHOUZE Large White Seagrass Round Tray

A Step Towards Green Living

Enter the world of ecoHOUZE, where sustainability meets style. The ecoHOUZE Large White Seagrass Round Tray is more than just an accessory for your home; it's a pledge to eco-conscious living. Crafted with the sustainable wonders of natural Seagrass, this tray embodies our promise to cherish the environment. Embrace the allure of green materials and make a statement that echoes your commitment to the planet.

Nature's Own Design Philosophy

The essence of ecoHOUZE's Seagrass Tray collection is woven from our deep-rooted desire to preserve Mother Earth. Drawing inspiration from the untouched beauty and formidable resilience of our natural world, we've shaped a product line that not only stands the test of time but does so with minimal environmental impact. Stain-resistant, robust, and ingeniously foldable, the ecoHOUZE Seagrass Round Tray is not merely for storage or display – it's a conscious choice for a sustainable lifestyle.

Compact, Chic, and Conscientious

The heart of our collection beats strongest in our ecoHOUZE Seagrass Round Tray - White (Large). Measuring a quaint 35cm in diameter and 12cm tall, this tray offers the perfect harmony of form and function. Whether corralling your keys and knick-knacks or showcasing treasured keepsakes, this versatile piece melds effortlessly into any decor, underscoring your eco-friendly ethos without sacrificing style or space.

A Vision Woven into Every Strand

"ecoHOUZE" is not just a name; it's our vision for a world where our homes are havens of eco-friendliness. Integrating Seagrass into our everyday living spaces can reflect our dedication to a brighter, greener future. It's a choice that resonates with nature's beat and contemporary design's pulse.

Elevating Homes with Conscious Choices

The ecoHOUZE Large White Seagrass Round Tray invites you to enjoy the dual delights of aesthetics and sustainability. This handcrafted piece isn't just about elevating your home's decor and uplifting your environmental ethos. Flexible in its utility and discreet storage, it offers an elegant solution to the modern dilemma of stylish sustainability. Indulge in the beauty of Seagrass and join a movement reshaping the world, one home at a time, with ecoHOUZE.

♦ Suitable to use for storage or display decor
♦ Foldable when not in use
♦ Seagrass is fast-growing and easy to harvest, which makes it a perfect eco-friendly material choice.

ecoHOUZE Seagrass Tray - White (Large) ecoHOUZE Seagrass Tray - White (Large) ecoHOUZE Seagrass Tray - White (Large) ecoHOUZE Seagrass Tray - White (Large)

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