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ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder (Natural)

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Dimension: (50L x 4W x 150H)cm
Material: Pinewood

Introducing ecoHOUZE - think green and sustainability.

The ecoHOUZE nordic range is made of real wood imported from New Zealand. These wooden storage pieces are versatile, durable, and sturdy for daily usage. Deliver the perfect nordic vibe for your urban living space.

♦ Slim and durable design suitable for small space
♦ Open concept to browse your hung items all at once
♦ Multipurpose - can be used to hang clothes, accessories and towels
♦ Minimal nordic design

Transform Your Corner into a Statement of Eco-Chic with ecoHOUZE

Step into a world where sustainability meets style with ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder collection. This selection of storage solutions exudes a Nordic charm designed to elevate your urban dwelling into a sustainable sanctuary. Each piece, hewn from premium New Zealand Pinewood, stands as a beacon of sustainability, offering both sturdiness and aesthetic pleasure day after day.

Embrace the Timeless Elegance of Pinewood

At the core of the ecoHOUZE range is the ever-graceful Pinewood, a material chosen for its enduring beauty and environmental friendliness. Harvested from the verdant landscapes of New Zealand, the wood brings a slice of nature into your residence. Every knot and whirl in the wood grain is a whisper of the wilderness, inviting you to create a home that is not only eco-conscious but also resonates with the tranquillity of the natural world.

Minimalism Marries Functionality: The Nordic Essence

Inspired by the pristine simplicity of Nordic design, ecoHOUZE marries form with function. The sleek and slender form factor slips effortlessly into snug corners, epitomising the efficient use of space. This design philosophy ensures that even the most compact living areas can exude style and sophistication without compromising practicality.

Corner Couture: The ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder (Black)

The ingenious ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder is taking centre stage in the ecoHOUZE collection. Meticulously dimensioned for optimal space usage— (50L x 150H)cm —this piece combines utility with a flair for style. The open-concept design provides a quick visual inventory of your clothing or your collection of greenery, enhancing the form and function of your living quarters.

The Collection Unveiled: Crafting Spaces with Conscious Design

ecoHOUZE isn't just a name; it's a commitment. It symbolises a cosy, inviting home—the "HOUZE"—infused with an "eco" philosophy, reflecting our dedication to sustainability. This collection is curated not merely for its storage solutions but for fostering an eco-friendly haven within the hustle and bustle of city life.

Elevating Interiors with Conscious Choices

The ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder isn't just about saving space—it's about savouring style sustainably. Its minimalist Nordic design injects elegance into your abode, while its intelligent use of space is a boon for Singapore's space-savvy residents. A testament to strength and style, this clothing rack doubles as a delightful plant display, ensuring its place in your home for years to come. Step into the balance of style and sustainability with ecoHOUZE.

Craft an Eco-Elegant Nook with ecoHOUZE

Reimagine your living space with the ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder collection. Its sustainable Pinewood composition and minimalist Nordic influence represent a space-saving, versatile solution for the contemporary Singaporean home. Embrace sustainable style with ecoHOUZE, and make an ecologically responsible statement that marries form with function. Join the ecoHOUZE movement and bring home a piece that's as kind to the planet as it is to your aesthetic sensibilities.

ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder (Natural) ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder (Natural) ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder (Natural) ecoHOUZE Wooden Clothing Ladder (Natural)

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