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FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch)

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Material: TPR, PET
Dimension: 22L x 2.5W x 1.5H cm

Discover the Ultimate in Painting Precision: The HOUZE - FINDER Collection

When Craftsmanship Meets Innovation: Dive into the world of HOUZE - FINDER where every brush stroke you take is destined for greatness. We've infused age-old painting traditions with modern design to give you an unmatched painting experience. With our 100% Polyester bristles, your hand holds the ideal marriage of strength and delicacy.

The Brilliance Behind The Material: What makes these brushes unparalleled in comfort and durability? The answer lies in the unique combination of TPR and PET. The bi-material TPR handle is meticulously shaped to rest comfortably in your palm, ensuring tireless painting hours without discomfort.

The Promise of Excellence: What's in the DNA of HOUZE-FINDER? It's the age-old values of craftsmanship blended with cutting-edge innovation. Every brush radiates our unwavering dedication to quality and performance. The anti-shedding design ensures your creative rhythm remains undisturbed, painting after painting.

Meet Your New Favourite Tool: Standing at the heart of this illustrious collection is the HOUZE - FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch). With its ideal dimensions, this brush isn't just a tool; it's an artist's dream. Whether it's intricate detailing or broad strokes, this brush dances gracefully across any canvas.

Decoding' HOUZE - FINDER': Why this name? 'HOUZE' represents a sanctuary of creativity; ' FINDER' is the beacon of precision. Together, they offer a journey where your artistic flair finds its true home and flourishes.

The Perks of Perfection: Imagine painting with a brush that thinks along with you. The ergonomic, non-slip grip of our brushes makes that dream a reality. Coupled with the robust yet tender 100% Polyester bristles, painting becomes a joyous experience, free from unnecessary distractions like paint splatters.

Raise the Bar of Your Artistic Endeavours!

With HOUZE - FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch) in your hand, you're not merely painting; you're redefining artistry. Step into a realm where tradition meets innovation, and let your artistry soar. Choose HOUZE - FINDER and watch your artistic horizons expand.


  • 100% polyester bristle material for a soft yet tough mix
  • Riveting is tight and secure
  • Anti-shedding design to avoid messes when painting
  • Ergonomic TPR handle with bi-material construction
  • Non-slip design for a comfortable grip
  • It comes in 1-inch size
FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch) FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch) FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch) FINDER - 100% Polyester Painting Brush (1 Inch)

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