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FINDER - Detector & Two Way Screwdriver

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Material: AS, ABS, Chrome vanadium alloy steel
Dimension: 15L x 2.2W x 2.2H cm

Introducing the Exquisite HOUZE - FINDER Collection: Your Ultimate Home Companion

Welcome to the future of household tools. Dive into the world of precision and innovation with the HOUZE - FINDER - Detector & Two-Way Screwdriver collection. Beyond just a tool, it's an experience skillfully designed to elevate every task in your home. The fusion of a robust screwdriver and a dual-range voltage detector makes it essential for every modern Singaporean home.

In the World of Materials: AS, ABS, and Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel

What makes the HOUZE-FINDER collection truly special? It's the dedication to premium materials. Crafted with AS and ABS, lauded for resilience and durability, the tool promises to be by your side for years. And let's remember the star player: the Chrome vanadium alloy steel, enhancing the screwdriver's capabilities and ensuring it withstands every challenge.

A Tale of Inspiration

This collection isn't just designed; it's inspired by you—the modern Singaporean homeowner. The HOUZE-FINDER bridges the gap between revolutionary technology and everyday utility. It stands as an emblem of a perfect marriage between form and practicality.

Meet the HOUZE - FINDER - Detector & Two-Way Screwdriver

At the core of this collection is this magnificent tool. Its ergonomic handle ensures your comfort, while its unique non-slip design maximises efficiency, making even the trickiest tasks seem like a walk in the park. Plus, with magnetised tips, say goodbye to the pesky task of manually aligning screws.

The Essence Behind the Name

Delving into its name, every element reflects its versatility. 'HOUZE' paints the picture of a sanctuary—your home. 'FINDER' emphasises precision, whilst 'Detector & Two-Way Screwdriver' unveils its dual wonder. Indeed, it is a name that resonates with its stellar capabilities.

Experience the Future of Household Maintenance

With the HOUZE-FINDER by your side, every challenge in your home becomes an opportunity. Whether tightening a pesky screw or ensuring electrical safety, this tool covers you. It's time to redefine convenience.

Elevate Your DIY Endeavours

Singapore, it's time to step up your DIY game. The HOUZE - FINDER - Detector & Two-Way Screwdriver collection isn't just a tool—it's a promise of unmatched precision and innovation. Immerse yourself in the world of efficiency and safety. Welcome this unparalleled tool into your home and embark on a journey of effortless home maintenance.



  • Hardened and insulated steel construction screwdriver
  • Voltage detector is safe to use for electrical applications
  • Bi-material handle for a comfortable grip
  • 70% more torque with the non-slip design
  • Magnetized tips to attract screws easily
FINDER - Detector & Two Way Screwdriver FINDER - Detector & Two Way Screwdriver HOUZE - FINDER - Detector & Two Way Screwdriver

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