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FINDER - Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe

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Material: PVC, Steel
Dimension: 29L x 18.2W x 6.3H cm

Discover the Essence of Gardening Mastery with the FINDER Collection by HOUZE

In the enchanting realm of gardening, the tools you wield are not just implements but extensions of your passion. This ethos breathes life into the FINDER Collection by HOUZE, a symphony of quality and elegance designed to bring your garden to life. Fashioned from a robust alloy of PVC and steel, these tools are durable and a statement of style.

The genesis of the FINDER Collection lies in a deep-rooted passion for the natural world, coupled with an aspiration to craft tools that endure. This series is a homage to the timeless art of gardening, blending innovative design with classical sensibilities. The pièce de résistance of this collection, the HOUZE - FINDER Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe, is a testament to this philosophy. Precision-engineered from A3 steel, treated and tempered for maximum resilience, this tool is a beacon of reliability. Its advanced anti-rust finish wards off the ravages of time and use, while the ergonomic PVC handle is visually striking and a joy to hold.

The name 'FINDER' is steeped in meaning. It speaks to the spirit of exploration, the joy of unearthing beauty within the verdant confines of your garden. This collection invites Singaporean gardening enthusiasts to embark on a voyage of botanical creativity, uncovering the hidden gems nestled in their green havens.

Garden with Excellence: The Unmatched Benefits of the FINDER 3-Prong Hoe

Choosing the HOUZE - FINDER Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe brings many benefits. Its tri-pronged design excels in digging and raking, transforming arduous tasks into effortless joys. Forget about tools that bend and break - this Hoe features secure riveting for unparalleled durability. Moreover, its design is functional and aesthetically pleasing, adding a refined touch to your gardening toolkit. With the FINDER Collection, you're not just tending to your garden but crafting a living masterpiece with every plant you nurture.

Embark on a journey with the FINDER Collection by HOUZE. Here, style and substance coalesce, transforming the outdoors into your canvas. Embrace the art of cultivating beauty and precision using the HOUZE - FINDER Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe. Dive into the FINDER experience and watch your garden flourish like never before.


  • Prongs are made of A3 steel that is heat-treated and hardened
  • Coated with an advanced anti-rust finish
  • PVC handle is comfortable to grip
  • Three-prong design is great for digging and raking
  • Stylish and fully-functional

FINDER - Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe FINDER - Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe FINDER - Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe FINDER - Garden Tool - 3-Prong Hoe

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