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FINDER - Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake

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Material: PVC, Steel
Dimension: 26.7L x 8.8W x 7H cm


Cultivating Elegance: The Art of Gardening Redefined with the HOUZE - FINDER 5-Tine Rake

Welcome to the FINDER Collection, where we merge the art of gardening with the finesse of superior craftsmanship. At the heart of this collection lies our flagship product, the HOUZE - FINDER Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake, a testament to our dedication to quality and functionality.

Each piece in the FINDER collection is a symphony of strength and elegance, crafted from a robust blend of PVC and steel. This amalgamation promises endurance against daily wear and tear and brings a sleek aesthetic to your gardening toolkit. The steel, mainly, is a high-grade A3 variant treated with an advanced anti-rust coating. This meticulous approach ensures that your tool remains a steadfast companion in gardening, come rain or shine.

Inspired by the intricate patterns and resilient structures found in nature, the FINDER collection embodies a philosophy of harmonious design. The 5-Tine Rake is a perfect illustration of this ethos. Its ergonomic PVC handle is not just about comfort; it represents our understanding of the gardener's relationship with their tool - a bond of trust and ease.


The name FINDER is not merely a label; it's a narrative. It represents every gardener's journey - a quest of discovery, learning, and nurturing. FINDER is about unearthing the potential within your garden and yourself as a gardener. It's about finding joy in the growth, bloom, and renewal that gardening brings.

Tailored for Singapore's Green Thumbs

The FINDER collection finds its true calling in Singapore's lush and vibrant landscapes. The 5-Tine Rake, specifically designed for the discerning Singapore gardener, combines efficiency with ease, transforming gardening from a task to a joyful experience.

Experience Unmatched Gardening Pleasure with the HOUZE - FINDER Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake.

Unlock the full potential of your garden with the 5-Tine Rake from our FINDER collection. Engineered with durability and comfort in mind, this tool is more than just a gardening implement; it's a part of your garden's story. The anti-rust A3 steel ensures longevity, while the ergonomic PVC handle offers a comfortable, fatigue-free grip. The versatility of the five-tine design allows for a seamless transition between raking and digging, making it an indispensable ally in your gardening journey. Choose the HOUZE - FINDER Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake, and embrace the elegance and efficiency to make your garden thrive.



  • Prongs are made of A3 steel that is hea+E26t-treated and hardened
  • Coated with an advanced anti-rust finish
  • PVC handle is comfortable to grip
  • Three-prong design is great for digging and raking
  • Stylish and fully-functional

FINDER - Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake FINDER - Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake FINDER - Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake FINDER - Garden Tool - 5-Tine Rake

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