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109pcs Balloon Garland (Mermaid Tail | 18")

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Material: Foil, Latex

Dive into Enchantment: The HOUZE- 109pcs Balloon Garland (Mermaid Tail | 18") Awaits!

A Whimsical World Awaits in Each Balloon

Step into a realm of pastel-hued dreams with our HOUZE - 109pcs Balloon Garland (Mermaid Tail | 18") collection. Meticulously crafted, this array of latex and foil balloons transforms your events into a whimsical wonderland. With shades evocative of delicate macarons, our collection invites you to infuse your gatherings with an ethereal charm.

Oceanic Opulence in Every Detail

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the deep with our mermaid-inspired collection. A perfect blend of durable latex and twinkling foil, this set includes a variety of sizes and shapes, from the dainty 5-inch to the majestic 18-inch tail foil balloons. Star and shell foil balloons add a dash of oceanic splendour, ensuring your event is as captivating as the sea.

The Centrepiece: A Tale of Mermaid Magic

At the heart of our collection is the breathtaking HOUZE - 109pcs Balloon Garland (Mermaid Tail | 18"). Paying tribute to mermaid legends, each balloon weaves a story of underwater enchantment. The show-stopping 18-inch tail foil balloons are the pinnacle, conjuring the mystique of mermaids and their timeless allure.

Celebrate in Singaporean Style

Our collection is perfect for Singapore's vibrant celebrations and is designed for indoor elegance and outdoor extravagance. Rain or shine, these balloons stand the test of time, bringing a touch of mermaid magic to birthdays, anniversaries, and every special moment in between.

Make a Splash with Mermaid Elegance

Elevate your celebrations to a realm of aquatic allure with our HOUZE- 109pcs Balloon Garland (Mermaid Tail | 18"). Whether it's a cosy indoor affair or a lavish outdoor bash, our collection is your gateway to an unforgettable experience. Embrace the spirit of the sea and let the mermaid magic create memories to cherish forever. Your celebration deserves nothing less than this enchanting masterpiece. Join us, and let the party begin!

Set included:
28pcs: 5 inch Latex Balloon (Macaron);
43pcs: 10 inch Latex Balloon (Macaron);
25pcs: 12 inch Latex Balloon (Macaron);
2pcs: 18 inch Latex Balloon (Orchid);
5pcs: 10 inch Star Foil Balloon (Blue);
1pc: 10 inch Shell Foil Balloon;
1pc: 18 inch Shell Foil Balloon;
2pcs: 18 inch Tail Foil Balloon;
1pc: Glue Dots;
1pc: Balloon Chain

* The specifications and colour of the products may be subjected to changes due to design improvements.

HOUZE - 109pcs Balloon Garland (Mermaid Tail | 18")

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