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14pcs 'Happy Birthday' Bubble Balloon Bouquet (Black & Gold | 24")

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Material: Foil, Latex

Enhance Your Celebrations: Discover the HOUZE 'Happy Birthday' Bubble Balloon Bouquet

A Symphony of Elegance and Joy

Introducing the HOUZE - 14pcs 'Happy Birthday' Bubble Balloon Bouquet, a masterful blend of style and festivity meticulously designed to bring an air of sophistication to your special occasions. Whether it's a cosy indoor gathering or a lively outdoor celebration, this collection, with its durable blend of foil and latex, guarantees to be the centrepiece of your party.

Timeless Charm Meets Modern Elegance

At the heart of this collection lies the stunning 24-inch transparent "Happy Birthday" Bubble Balloon, surrounded by a tasteful selection of black and gold latex balloons, a silver confetti balloon, and a radiant gold star foil balloon. This harmonious combination embodies the classic allure of black and gold and infuses a contemporary twist, ensuring your celebration is nothing short of spectacular.

HOUZE - A Name Synonymous with Quality and Style

The HOUZE brand is renowned for its dedication to enhancing homes and events with beautifully designed products, and this balloon bouquet is no exception. It's not just a decoration but a statement of elegance that reflects your distinctive taste.

Durability Meets Convenience

These balloons aren't just visually stunning; they're also incredibly resilient, thanks to the high-quality foil and latex materials. The easy-to-inflate feature makes setting up for your party a breeze, allowing you more time to create unforgettable memories.

Transform Your Party into an Unforgettable Event

The HOUZE - 14pcs 'Happy Birthday' Bubble Balloon Bouquet is more than just a decoration; it catalyses ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have a celebration that looks spectacular and feels uniquely yours? Let every birthday become a landmark event with this exquisite balloon bouquet, and start making memories that will last a lifetime. Your next celebration awaits!

Set included:
1pc: 24 inch Transparent 'Happy Birthday' Buddle Balloon;
5pcs: 5 inch Latex Balloon (Gold);
2pcs: 5 inch Latex Balloon (Black);
2pcs: 12 inch Latex Balloon (Gold);
1pc: 12 inch Latex Balloon (Black);
1pc: 12 inch Confetti Latex Balloon (Silver);
1pc: 18 inch Star Foil Balloon (Gold)
1pc: 25 x 35cm Tassel (Gold)

* The specifications and colour of the product may be subjected to changes due to design improvements.

14pcs 'Happy Birthday'  Bubble Balloon Bouquet (Black & Gold | 24") 14pcs 'Happy Birthday'  Bubble Balloon Bouquet (Black & Gold | 24") 14pcs 'Happy Birthday'  Bubble Balloon Bouquet (Black & Gold | 24")

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