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'2-Fold' & 'Menshar Gullwing QuickFold' Clothes Drying Airer Rack - Laundry | Organizer | Towels

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Material: Powder Coated Steel, Virgin Polypropylene
Dimension (Open): (132L x 60W x 92H)cm
Dimension (Closed): (102L x 60W x 5.5H)cm 

Easy and convenient drying with '2-Fold' Clothes Drying Airer Rack

You will adore this 3-Fold Wing Clothes Drying Airer Rack for its ease of use and no-nonsense design. The frame is made with durable Powder Coated Steel that's built to carry any piece of fabric, be it clothes, undergarments, towels, and more! It is collapsible and folds flat so you could store it easily. It has an anti-slip feature with its capped legs to protect floors and improve stability.

'2-Fold' Clothes Drying Airer Rack Features:

  • Durable steel finish makes it long-lasting
  • Sturdy steel for maximized carrying capacity
  • Foldable and collapsible for easy storage
  • Plastic-capped legs to protect flooring and increase stability
  • Easy and convenient assembly

Revolutionise Your Laundry Routine with HOUZE's Menshar Gullwing QuickFold Airer Rack!

Discover the Future of Laundry with HOUZE's Innovative Airer Rack: Say hello to the HOUZE Menshar Gullwing QuickFold Rust-Free Airer Rack, a marvel in sleek black. This collection represents the zenith of laundry solutions, offering unmatched versatility for your drying needs.

Unmatched Durability Meets Style: Meticulously crafted from a superior blend of Polypropylene and robust iron pipe, our Menshar Gullwing Airer Rack is a testament to enduring quality. Its unique 0.38+7.6 thickness promises a rust-free experience, ensuring longevity and performance.

The Essence of Practical Elegance: The Menshar Gullwing QuickFold Airer Rack embodies efficiency and style. Influenced by minimalist design, it integrates seamlessly into modern homes, addressing daily laundry challenges with its space-efficient, foldable structure and rust-proof build, epitomising practicality and sustainability.

Spotlight on Style and Functionality: Our flagship product, the HOUZE Menshar Gullwing QuickFold Rust-Free Airer Rack, turns laundry into a seamless experience. With dimensions perfect for space-saving yet efficient drying (closed at 102L x 60W x 5.5H cm and open at 132L x 60W x 92H cm), it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and design elegance.

The Story Behind 'Menshar': The 'Menshar' in our collection's name is a fusion of 'Mend' and 'Spar,' symbolising garment care and space efficiency. The 'Gullwing' aspect is inspired by the luxurious gullwing doors of sports cars, reflecting our dedication to blending practicality with sophistication. 'QuickFold' highlights the ease of use and storage, while 'Rust-Free' guarantees its lasting beauty and functionality.

Transform Your Laundry Day with HOUZE: Embrace the HOUZE Menshar Gullwing QuickFold Rust-Free Airer Rack and transform your laundry days. Ideal for compact living areas, its space-saving design and rust-proof construction ensure a lasting, pristine look, free from rust stains and the bulkiness of traditional racks. Experience an efficient, stylish, and sustainable approach to laundry, making every day effortlessly manageable.


🌟 Effortless Set-Up: Intuitive two-fold system.

🏠 Versatile Placement: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor drying.

🦶 Floor-Friendly Design: Protective capped plastic legs ensure stability.

🔄 User-Friendly Mechanics: Simple open/close feature with a rotating shaft.

🔧 No-Fuss Assembly: Get started without any tools.

🧳 Compact Storage: Space-efficient design for easy storage.

🛠️ Built to Last: Crafted from premium powder-coated steel and polypropylene.

External Dimensions: 133L x 58W x 95.5H cm

Closed Dimensions: 60.5L x 9W x 108H cm

HOUZE - '2-Fold' & 'Menshar Gullwing QuickFold' Clothes Drying Airer Rack - Laundry | Organizer | Towels HOUZE - '2-Fold' & 'Menshar Gullwing QuickFold' Clothes Drying Airer Rack - Laundry | Organizer | Towels HOUZE - '2-Fold' & 'Menshar Gullwing QuickFold' Clothes Drying Airer Rack - Laundry | Organizer | Towels

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