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3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm)

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Material: New PP and Grey Colour Powder
Dimensions: 51L x 22.5W x 50H cm, length is extendable from 51-90cm

Tidy-Up Your Space: Discover Elegance & Adaptability with HOUZE's Extendable Shoe Rack Collection!

Introducing the HOUZE Collection: Where Form Meets Function
Discover a realm where simplicity and elegance meld seamlessly - introducing the HOUZE - 3-Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) Collection. Crafted from superior New PP material and graced with a refined grey powder finish, this Collection epitomises shoe storage sophistication. Designed with a blend of practicality and style, these shoe racks promise to add a touch of class to your spaces.

The Material: A Blend of Durability and Class
Our choice of the New PP material isn't just for longevity; it's about bringing a contemporary flair to your interiors. And with its grey powder finish, every shoe rack from this Collection is a piece that emanates sophistication. With HOUZE, you're not just choosing storage; you're choosing an aesthetic experience.

Decoding HOUZE
Every detail in the HOUZE - 3-Tier Extendable Shoe Rack collection speaks of meticulous design. The three-tier layout is your ticket to a clutter-free space, neatly segregating each pair. Stability? Our anti-skid bottom and capped legs are covered, ensuring your rack remains firmly in place. But the star feature? The extendability. Tailor its length per your needs, making it a perfect companion for evolving urban lifestyles. And guess what? Assembly is a doddle; simply snap together, and voilà!

What's in a Name?
"HOUZE" isn't just a name; it's a concept. Borrowed from the term "house", it embodies the vision of crafting chic and functional homes. The "3" epitomises the three layers of storage, while the "Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm)" underscores its flexibility and adaptability. It's more than just furniture; it's a journey to making your space yours.

Why Choose HOUZE?
👞 Adaptable Wonder: From 51cm to a spacious 90cm, this shoe rack extends as your Collection grows. A saviour for space.
👞 Fuss-Free Setup: Leave behind the tricky toolkits. With our snap-together assembly, it's all smooth sailing.
👞 Unyielding Stability: Thanks to its capped legs and anti-skid bottom, your shoe rack promises zero slips.
👞 Timeless Elegance: Robust New PP material and a chic grey finish assure lasting elegance.
👞 Universal Appeal: Be it your living room, bedroom or hallway, the HOUZE collection slips in effortlessly.

Enhance footwear storage with the HOUZE - 3-Tier Extendable Shoe Rack Collection. It's more than mere storage; it's about sculpting a space where design dances with practicality. Make your mark. Define your HOUZE.


3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm) 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack (Length: 51-90cm)

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