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90L Laundry Basket with Pine Wood X-Frame

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Dimension: 45L x 36W x 60H
Material: Bamboo Wood Fabric cloth

It has simple X-shaped stands and printed patterns that make it look simple and stylish, and can be used to match any style of room.
Simply fold for storage when not use, occupied little spaces.

Step Up Your Laundry Game: The HOUZE - 90L Laundry Basket with Pine Wood X-Frame Collection!

The Confluence of Elegance and Sustainability:
The HOUZE - 90L Laundry Basket with Pine Wood X-Frame collection emerges as the pinnacle of flair and functionality in a landscape where chic design meets green innovation. This range is meticulously crafted to resonate with Singaporean customers, marrying form and function and celebrating environmental consciousness with trendsetting design.

Union of Natural Beauty with Durability:
Centre-stage in this collection is the seamless fusion of robust Pine Wood and versatile Canvas Fabrics. The sustainable and robust nature of Pine Wood provides an unyielding foundation for our X-frame hamper, offering both strength and a hint of rustic elegance. Complemented by the Canvas Fabric, the basket promises a visual treat and ease of upkeep.

Design Philosophy Exposed: Rooted in the contemporary demands of efficient laundry management, our collection boasts a foldable design partnered with the resilient Pine Wood X-frame, encapsulating the essence of modern-day convenience and space optimisation. The double-handle feature ensures smooth mobility, while its user-friendly nature makes laundry a walk in the park. "HOUZE" isn't just a name; it's a nod to the organised harmony every home aspires for, and our collection pledges to seamlessly infuse this into your laundry regimen.

The Star Attraction - Our Signature 90L Basket: Behold the crown jewel of our collection: the HOUZE - 90L Laundry Basket with Pine Wood X-Frame. With generous dimensions of 45L×36W×60Hcm, this beauty promises to cater to every laundry demand, whether in a snug flat or a sprawling villa, making it an indispensable addition to any household.

Behind The Name:
"HOUZE" is more than just a moniker; it embodies the warmth, cosiness, and efficiency every home deserves. It's the cocoon of comfort you build, with our collection serving as a cornerstone, starting right from your laundry alcove.

Why Your Home Deserves This:
Say goodbye to unsightly laundry piles and unwieldy baskets. Our collection pledges a seamless solution that not only declutters but also introduces a dash of panache. Its foldable design ensures it's discreet when you wish it to be, helping you make the most of your space. The Pine Wood X-frame isn't just a support; it's an aesthetic statement. Coupled with the double-handle feature, manoeuvring your laundry becomes a cinch. And the best part? Maintenance is child's play. Experience a laundry evolution draped in sophistication and unmatched utility. The HOUZE - 90L Laundry Basket with Pine Wood X-Frame collection blends ingenious design, eco-centric materials, and the vision of a clutter-free, stylish living space. Tailored for the Singaporean customer who refuses to compromise on practicality or aesthetics, this range is all set to redefine your home's aura. Delve into the HOUZE experience and watch your daily chores transform into moments of modern luxury.

90L Laundry Basket with Pine Wood X-Frame

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