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'ESSENTIALS' 35L Stackable Underbed Storage Box with Wheels

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Material: Polypropylene 
Dimension:  80L x 40W x 16.5H


Orchestrate the Unimaginable: A Symphony of Storage Solutions That Echoes Tomorrow's Technology!

In the bustling cityscape of Singapore, where space is the ultimate luxury, we introduce a game-changer: the HOUZE' ESSENTIALS' Series 35L Stackable Underbed Storage Box with Wheels. This isn't merely a place to stash your stuff; it's a transformative approach to seeing and using space in your home and office. Allow us to unfurl the curtain on this paradigm-shifting innovation.

The Fabric of Reliability: Polypropylene, the Unsung Hero

What is the cornerstone of this extraordinary box? The answer is unadulterated, 100% virgin polypropylene—a veritable dynamo of durability and resilience. Imagine a storage solution so trustworthy that it's non-toxic and free of odour. The transparent body and lid are aesthetic choices and a dash of genius, eradicating the cumbersome 'open-to-check' routine.

Ingenious by Design: Thoughtfulness Packed in Every Inch

With a feather-light weight of 1.45kg and spatial dimensions crafted to perfection (800x400x165mm), this is your key to reclaiming space. Engineers didn't just stop at creating a storage box; they integrated snap-lock handles to encase your treasures with the security of a vault. When it comes to stacking, the reinforced bottom has got your back. There is no precarious teetering here, only steadfast stability.

Wheels that Roll with Your Needs: Fluidity in Motion

In a static world, be dynamic! Why have a box that sits there? The wheels introduce a dimension of fluidity. Whether changing your home set-up or making the corporate move, the wheels give you mobility so smoothly that you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Spirit of 'ESSENTIALS': More Than Just a Name

It's a mantra, a lifestyle, a guiding principle. The 'ESSENTIALS' brand is an invitation to embrace the Zen of simplicity while magnifying functionality. It encapsulates the modern zeitgeist—a blend of minimalism with practical yet aesthetic design. The fusion of transparent and black colours offers a timeless and universal style.

Roll into Revolution: Your Dynamic Answer to Static Clutter!

Here in Singapore, the HOUZE' ESSENTIALS' Series 35L Stackable Underbed Storage Box with Wheels isn't just a product; it's an epiphany. With wheels for dynamic motion, snap-lock handles for unbeatable security, and a reinforced bottom for perfect stacking, we're talking about a ground-breaking shift in how you relate to your living or working space. It's not just a solution; it's a complete reinvention. Make every square foot a sanctuary of purpose and style in a land where every inch counts. Why settle for anything less than transformative? Seize the opportunity and redefine your spatial experience!

HOUZE - 'ESSENTIALS' 35L Stackable Underbed Storage Box with Wheels

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