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Extendable 19cm Lint Roller Length: 70 -115cm [White] - Retractable | Dust-free | Clean | Car Dog Fur | Sofa

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Material: ABS, Textured Paper, Stainless Steel
Dimension: 20L x 4.5W x 120H

Revolutionise Your Cleaning Experience with the HOUZE Lint Roller

Craftsmanship and Materials: A Blend of Function and Form

At HOUZE, we understand that the essence of a good product lies in its materials. That's why our Extendable 19cm Lint Roller is crafted with a fusion of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), textured paper, and stainless steel. The ergonomic handle is made from robust and durable plastic ABS, offering a comfortable and steady grip. This ensures that you can use it effortlessly over extended periods. The roller's textured paper is designed to efficiently pick up lint, fur, and fuzz from various fabrics and surfaces, showcasing its practicality. Moreover, the stainless steel mechanism within the extendable feature adds a layer of durability and strength, ensuring that your lint roller is a long-lasting companion in your cleaning arsenal.

The DNA of Design: Reflecting Excellence and Simplicity

Our HOUZE lint roller is more than just a tool; it's a testament to our commitment to excellence and simplicity. The design and development of this product were guided by the aim to streamline your daily routines while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. This lint roller is not just a product; it represents our dedication to bringing efficient and safe cleaning solutions to your home. It stands as a symbol of our brand ethos – to simplify life's daily tasks with products that are both effective and easy to use.

"Effortless Elegance: Unveil the Best in Your Fabrics and Furnishings"

With the HOUZE Extendable Lint Roller, elegance and ease go hand in hand. This product is not just a lint roller; it's your partner in maintaining a pristine and polished appearance in all aspects of your home and wardrobe. The extendable design enables you to reach those hard-to-get areas, ensuring no lint or fur is left behind. Our premium adhesive sheets are formulated to be highly effective yet safe for all non-toxic and non-irritating fabrics. This makes the HOUZE lint roller ideal for families, providing a safe and efficient way to keep your surroundings spotless. Embrace the ease of maintaining a well-groomed look with our lint roller, your indispensable ally in effortlessly achieving a polished appearance.

For our Singapore customers, the HOUZE Extendable 19cm Lint Roller [White] is not just a product but a lifestyle choice. It represents a commitment to quality, efficiency, and safety in everyday cleaning tasks. Make the wise decision today – choose HOUZE for a cleaner, more elegant living space. Your journey to a spotless and stylish home is just a roll away with HOUZE.

- Made of premium quality adhesive sheet
- Great for everyday use
- Non-toxic and non-irritating
- Removes lint, fur, fuzz and other tiny debris on fabrics, furniture and more

HOUZE - Extendable 19cm Lint Roller Length: 70 -115cm [White] - Retractable | Dust-free | Clean | Car Dog Fur | Sofa

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