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KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small)

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Material: Durable ABS

Product Dimension: 6L x 1.2W x 2.8H cm

Revolutionise Your Laundry Days with HOUZE - KLEAR!

Ultra-Compact Yet Mighty:

Discover the HOUZE - KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small) collection, your newest laundry game-changer. Made from robust ABS material, these pegs redefine what it means to have a seamless laundry routine. They offer the optimal blend of strength and portability with dimensions of just 6cm x 1.2cm x 2.8cm.

Design Meets Functionality:

More than just pegs, the HOUZE - KLEAR collection embodies a passion for clever and practical laundry answers. Born from the desire to simplify garment care, our pegs are a testament to our dedication to quality and pioneering design. Enjoy peace of mind with our high-tension springs that securely hold a variety of garments, complemented by their rust-resistant nature, ensuring your cherished clothes stay pristine.

Transparent Care with KLEAR:

Introducing the shining jewel of the collection: the HOUZE - KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small). They're not just pegs. They're a promise to make your laundry days straightforward and worry-free. "KLEAR" stands for clarity and purity in clothing care, underscoring our pledge to simplify your laundry tasks.

Stepping into Tomorrow's Laundry:

Wave goodbye to the era of weak pegs and ruined attire. Thanks to their high-tension springs, our pegs are rigid and kind to your garments, courtesy of the sturdy ABS build. And with rust-resistant hinges, longevity meets protection. Whether it's your delicate laces or everyday wear, trust HOUZE-KLEAR to handle them carefully. Ready to elevate your laundry day?

Singapore's Top Laundry Companion:

For our valued Singapore customers, the HOUZE - KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small) collection is more than a purchase—it's an investment in effortless style and utility. Revel in the luxury of premium laundry accessories and welcome a streamlined laundry experience. Join the revolution today!

HOUZE - KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small) KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small) KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small) KLEAR Laundry Pegs (Small)

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