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LAVA Drawer With Cover (2 Sizes)

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Materials: Polyester cotton + ECO PP board


  • Medium-Sized: 40L x 27W x 17.5H cm
  • Large Sized:  44L x 30W x 20.5H cm

Elevate Your Storage with HOUZE - Lava Collection

Artistry Meets Utility: Dive into the "HOUZE - Lava - Wardrobe Drawer with Cover (M/L) - Off White" range, a delightful blend of function and finesse, redefining your storage experience. Every piece is meticulously crafted, harmonising robust PP rigid board with soft, luxurious cotton linen for enduring charm.

Nature-Inspired Living: Our "HOUZE - Lava" collection celebrates nature's perennial allure, blending it with the practicality of modern storage. Feel the gentle whisper of nature as the Lava series seamlessly fuses outdoor tranquillity with indoor sophistication.

Centrepiece of Elegance: Revel in the excellence of the "HOUZE - Lava - Wardrobe Drawer with Cover (M/L) - Off White". This lidded storage masterpiece offers neat organisation and elevates the ambience of any room it graces. Its stackable feature promises space efficiency while shielding your treasures from dust.

Influential in Name, Superior in Function: Drawing its name from the potent force of lava, our collection symbolises unmatched strength and beauty. Feel the enduring resilience akin to nature's most spectacular phenomenon with every piece.

Discover the Unseen Perks:

  • Chic by Nature: Bestow your interiors with a hint of nature's elegance through our linen finish.
  • Savvy Space Solutions: The foldable design ensures compact and discreet storage.
  • Pure & Pristine: The union of PP rigid board and cotton linen ensures effortless upkeep without any odour.
  • Unrivalled Convenience: With inbuilt handles, accessing and relocating becomes a breeze.

Elevate with Elegance: Experience the magic of the "HOUZE - Lava - Wardrobe Drawer with Cover (M/L) - Off White" collection. Let the harmony of form and function enrich your spaces. Turn your home into a sanctuary of style and structure with a hint of nature's brilliance.

HOUZE - LAVA Drawer With Cover (2 Sizes) HOUZE - LAVA Drawer With Cover (2 Sizes) HOUZE - LAVA Drawer With Cover (2 Sizes) HOUZE - LAVA Drawer With Cover (2 Sizes)

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