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LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes)

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Step Up Your Storage Game: HOUZE Lava Underbed Boxes!

Effortlessly Stylish & Functional: Introducing the HOUZE Lava Underbed Storage Box in a distinguished Grey and Beige finish. Balancing modern aesthetics with optimum functionality, this collection is set to redefine home organisation for the discerning Singaporean homeowner.

Built to Last: Made from a refined combination of lightweight linen fabric and strengthened with a robust PP board, rest assured that these storage boxes are not just about looks. They promise durability, ready to safeguard those additional beddings, blankets and sheets from the everyday dust and the occasional fuzz-bunny.

Tailored for the Modern Home: Delve into the essence of the HOUZE Lava collection. With design inspiration rooted in contemporary elegance, these underbed storage boxes are a nod to modernity. The soft touch of the linen fabric is perfectly complemented by the robust PP board, ensuring the boxes retain their shape, even when not filled to the brim.

Space-Savvy Design: We understand the space constraints of Singapore homes. Designed with a keen spatial awareness, these boxes can be folded flat when off-duty. And with those handy carrying handles, fetching your stored belongings is as easy as a Sunday morning.

Subtle Yet Significant: Slide them under a queen bed, and they'll seamlessly merge with your decor, ensuring their presence is felt but not overtly seen. The Grey and Beige hue? It's not just a colour; it's a statement of sophistication.

Why 'Lava'? Reflecting adaptability and transformation, just as molten lava moulds itself, the HOUZE Lava storage boxes are ever-ready to cater to your evolving storage demands, making them a perfect fit for every Singaporean abode.

Discover The HOUZE Lava Magic: Unlock the full potential of your living space. Bid farewell to chaos and embrace a world where style meets storage. With the HOUZE Lava Underbed Storage Box, every corner of your home can exude elegance, organisation and a modern charm. Dive into a clutter-free world, Singapore, with HOUZE Lava by your side.

  • Material: Cotton linen, ECO PP board
Internal Dimension  74.5L x 37W x 16.5H 95.5L x 46W x 16H
Open Dimension 76L x 38W x 17H 95L x 48W x 17H

Maximize Storage Space with LAVA Underbed Storage Box | Shop Now! HOUZE - LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes) HOUZE - LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes) HOUZE - LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes) HOUZE - LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes) LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes) LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes) LAVA Underbed Storage Box With Zipper (2 Sizes)

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