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Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose

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Material: Polyester
Dimension: 22L x 22W x 33H cm

Step Up Your Laundry Game with HOUZE Mesh Bags!

When Fabric Meets Functionality: Dive into the world of HOUZE's premium polyester mesh laundry bags. Handpicked for its finesse, our material promises to caress your garments with love and elevate your laundry aesthetic. Why compromise when you can have both style and substance?

Craftsmanship in Every Thread: Drawing from the wisdom of laundry connoisseurs, our collection encapsulates an unmatched passion for garment care. Beyond just bags, we promise that every wash is an affair of luxury and precision. From washer to dryer, we've got you sorted. It's not just about cleaning clothes; it's about cherishing them.

Meet Our Showstopper: Our HOUZE Mesh Laundry Bag, sized at a convenient 22x33cm, isn't just another addition to your laundry routine - it's the hero! Ideal for your delicate pieces, its crafted design and thoughtful elastic protector band around the zipper ensure every wash is a worry-free experience. And when it's off-duty? Tuck it away effortlessly.

HOUZE's Signature Touch: We believe in creating products that resonate with your home's spirit. "HOUZE" isn't just a name; it's a philosophy. With our 'Loose' collection, we invite you to indulge in a laundry experience that's as breezy as it sounds. It's not just a product; it's a lifestyle.

Why Choose HOUZE?

  • Guard Your Garments: Trust our design to shield your delicate items.
  • Universal Appeal: From washer to dryer, we adapt seamlessly.
  • Bra's Best Friend: Retain the natural shape of your bras without a fuss.
  • Stylish and Space-Savvy: Look good, feel good, and stay clutter-free.

Singapore, it's time to transform your laundry experience. Choose the HOUZE Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose for an unrivalled journey of elegance and efficacy. Embrace the future of laundry with HOUZE.


HOUZE - Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Features:

  • Made with fine mesh to prevent snags or tears for delicate garments
  • Zippered for easy access
  • Small band for zipper head to prevent tangles
  • Suitable for any washer or dryer
  • It comes in different sizes to fit specific garments
  • Good for bras, underwear and socks

Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose Mesh Laundry Bag (Dim: 22x33cm) Loose

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